merry christmas

Oh, come, all ye faithful,
Joyful and triumphant!
Oh, come ye, oh, come ye to Bethlehem;
Come and behold him
Born the king of angels:
Oh, come, let us adore him,
Oh, come, let us adore him,
Oh, come, let us adore him,
Christ the Lord.

Highest, most holy,
Light of light eternal,
Born of a virgin,
A mortal he comes;
Son of the Father
Now in flesh appearing!
Oh, come, let us adore him,
Oh, come, let us adore him,
Oh, come, let us adore him,
Christ the Lord.

Sing, choirs of angels,
Sing in exultation,
Sing, all ye citizens of heaven above!
Glory to God
In the highest:
Oh, come, let us adore him,
Oh, come, let us adore him,
Oh, come, let us adore him,
Christ the Lord.

Yea, Lord, we greet thee,
Born this happy morning;
Jesus, to thee be glory given!
Word of the Father,
Now in flesh appearing!
Oh, come, let us adore him,
Oh, come, let us adore him,
Oh, come, let us adore him,
Christ the Lord.

Composer: John F. Wade
Tune: Adeste Fideles
1st Published in: 1767

MERRY CHRISTMAS from our family to yours

Joshua Manuel: newborn.

our friend Kristi Steeger is a very talented photographer.
her website.
she gave us an incredible gift.
newborn pictures of our sweet baby Joshua.

one of my favorites:2 weeks old.

my momma's favorite.

the best Christmas gift.

seriously. THANK YOU KRISTI!
perfect pictures of our perfect baby.
can't wait for her to take more pictures of Joshua

Top 10

So here’s an update in “Top 10’s”

(none of these are in a particular order)

Top 10 Most Surprising Things that Happened During Labor:
1. the whole process was much more laid back than i imagined.
2. the epidural didn't make me lose complete feeling from the waist down (yes, i got an epidural. and yes, it was great (for me))
3. the pitocin really did suck. making my contractions very strong and very close together.
4. there was only one nurse in the room with manny, my mom and i as i began to push.
5. i saw the doctor for a total of about 20 minutes, including when he "caught" my child.
6. i didn't cry as much as i thought i would…
7. i just laughed with pure joy as my husband and i met our son for the first time.
8. the doctor didn't even ask me how i felt about getting an episiotomy, just snipped away. ouch.
9. i could really feel being sewn back together. no thank you.
10. lost was not a good choice of "lets watch a show as we wait for baby." much too intense.

Top 10 Favorite Things About Being a Mom:
1. He’s mine, all mine!
2. He really does know and love Manny and I most ☺
3. I get to stay at home with my son- a dream come true.
4. That I miss him when I’ve been away from him.
5. Picking out his outfits ☺
6. Since I’m home most of the time I have plenty of time to clean my house!
7. Taking pictures of the most handsome baby in the world.
8. Nap time. I can get important things done, do some crafts, watch a movie, or just sleep. Like I said, he’s such a great baby.
9. I’ve been able to read A LOT. I read most every time I nurse, especially at night. And I’m a pretty fast reader. I think I’ve read close to ten books since he’s been born.
10. Kissing the cutest boy in the world. Knowing that he’s all mine & I’ll be kissing him forever

Top 10 Hardest Things About Having a Newborn:
1. Making the tough decisions (especially at night)… Do I let him cry? Do I feed him now? Does he need to burp or a new diaper? Is this a growth spurt? What should I do about his goopy eyes? Should we just stay home or can we handle another outing? Etc.
2. Listening to him cry. I really never thought I would struggle with this. I’ve always been a little heartless when it comes to letting kids cry it out, but seriously sometimes my heart just breaks!
3. In the first weeks… nipple pain/ discomfort. Ha. Thankfully it’s gotten much better.
4. Engorgement! Thank goodness for that pump!
5. (this is probably the hardest list to make…)
6. Bath time. We don’t have an actual bathtub at this house & it makes bath time quite difficult.
7. I’m always worried about him being cold…
8. How he poops/pees every single time you change his diaper. Really I think it just means he’s very talented and is just laughing at us as we go through two sometimes three diapers a changing. (This is getting better… I’m learning his ways!)
9. Feeling completely helpless when I know he’s hungry but won’t latch or when I know he’s exhausted but fights sleep like its death.
10. And… He pooped in my hand once. That was gross.

Top 10 Favorite Things About NOT Being Pregnant Anymore:
1. Sleep, O Glorious Sleep. This might be strange to say, but now that I’m not pregnant I can actually enjoy sleeping. It may be a little less and it may be interrupted, but it is so great climbing into bed knowing sleep will come comfy, cozy, and fairly easily.
2. I don’t have to wear those dang white shorts anymore.
3. I’m in long pants! For the first time since like month 6.
4. People are always telling me how great I look for just having a baby. It may be lies, it may be truth… Either way I appreciate it!
5. I know what he looks like!
6. I can reach my toes/shave me legs/ put on underwear/ bend over/ etc with very little effort.
7. No more heartburn!!! I still can’t believe I had heartburn during labor, up until the moment he was born.
8. Hugging/cuddling with my husband is much easier.
9. I get to cuddle with my son!
10. I have a son! ☺

Top 10 Reasons I Miss Being Pregnant:
1. I have to worry about my stomach hanging out now. Boo.
2. My wardrobe is very limited… My pre-pregnancy clothes may fit, but my post-pregnancy body is very different!
3. People were always telling me how great I looked pregnant. . It may have been lies, it may have been truth… Either way I appreciated it!
4. Feeling him kick & get the hiccups ☺
5. Having to be much more conscientious about what I’m eating…
6. Well considering I’m not pregnant that means I birthed a child. Healing has not been very fun…
7. Having to worry about when I’ll get back to working out…
8. (running out of reasons)
9. yea, I would much rather have Joshua than be pregnant ☺

Top 10 Favorite Moments from the Last 43 Days:
1. Watching my mom and Manny laugh, cry and hug as they watched Joshua get cleaned up and stuff right after he was born.
2. Manny reading God’s Word to our boy.
3. His smiles.
4. That quiet moment in the hospital when Manny was asleep and no one was there except for Joshua and me. Holding him close, gazing on his sweet face, and thanking the Lord for the incredible gift He gave Manny and I.
5. Watching the many, many people come visit and love on my son.
6. Reading with my boy.
7. After he gets a bath, lotioning up his cute little body.
8. Joshua falling asleep on my chest/ cuddling with me.
9. Awkwardly trying to bathe him for the first time. Neither Manny nor I had any idea what to do. We just laughed.
10. How awesome he was at this last doctor’s appointment. He had to get a shot. His face got insanely red. He cried for like ten seconds. And then was smiling at me! He’s so great.

Top 10 Ways My Husband Has Amazed Me:
1. He did so great trying to get me through those contractions.
2. He supported me when I couldn’t take them anymore.
3. And he laughed with me in relief, and we really were able to enjoy the birth of our son.
4. He jumped right in. No hesitation, no selfishness. He just became the daddy Joshua needed.
5. He helped me in bathroom. Gosh, there aren’t even words to describe his selflessness in helping me those first few days as I began to heal.
6. He’s been an incredible leader as we’ve adjusted to life with a newborn, life with one income, and a wife who can sometimes getting a little emotional, irrational, and ornery.
7. Without question, he changes a lot of diapers when he is home. And he really did change every single diaper in the hospital.
8. Without one complaint, he will get up to put that pacifier back in Joshua’s mouth or rock him if he is fussing in the middle of the night.
9. How he reads God’s Word to Joshua.
10. How he loves us both. So much.
(Manny, you are so beyond greatness. I love you so much. I’m so thankful for you.)

Top 10 Favorite Things About Joshua:
1. His smile. Formerly- from gas/ bodily functions. Currently- smiles right at you & with you!
2. His cute wrinkly forehead.
3. When he “talks” back.
4. How his hands always have to be by his face.
5. How he likes to be all stretched out.
6. His growing belly, thighs, and cute baby bottom.
7. His ridiculous hairline!
8. How he knows Manny and my voices so very well.
9. How he sleeps so great! Have only been getting up once a night for over 2 weeks ☺ I’m a very blessed momma!
10. He’s just so stinking cute!
11. He’s just an easy baby. So thankful. We can cart him most everywhere. He sleeps through everything. And rarely fusses just because.
12. How he tries so hard to suck on his fingers! Just not quite coordinated enough…
13. I think he’s going to have blue eyes like his daddy.
14. Ok, really everything about him. He’s so great.

The End.

right now:

new baby. busy sleeping. nursing. and pooping/changing diapers.
everything's pretty great.
he's sleeping like a champ.
he loves his hands by his face.
he is excellent at peeing every time we change his diaper.
he likes the swing. not the bouncer.
he loves to listen to his daddy read the Bible to him.
he gets a little cranky around 4pm. but i don't mind holding him extra close.
his eyebrows are barely visible & his hair is already falling out.
he consumes our every thought.
he sleeps much better in his own room in his own crib.
he is perfect.
thank you God for this incredible gift.

ps. we don't have the internet at the house and thus posting is pretty tough.


Joshua Manuel Pollard
Born November 1, 2011 at 12:45am
7 lb 12 oz
20 in
Absolutely Perfect

Tuesday Thoughts

well... i no longer have a job. that is just weird.
but i have plenty to do:
iron manny's shirts.
reupholster the glider.
hang up the ABC wall.
finish letters C.T.&U.
windex all mirrors & frames.
clean bathroom.
make dinner {don't forget to plug in the crockpot.oops}.
make a mobile.
clean/organize desk.
get knobs for sideboard.
clean car- vacuum & put in baby car seat.
keep house clean.
other stuff. i can't remember.
mostly- get ready for life with a BABY.

i can't believe it's so close. seriously can't believe it.
he can come anytime really. i think i'm ready as i'll ever be.
but he's not allowed to come friday, saturday, sunday, or monday.
reason? lions vs. broncos. manny has tickets. my cousin is flying out from california. if i'm in the hospital he can't go... manny's been looking forward to this for like years. seriously.
and i would really prefer that my boy not be born on halloween.
ok thanks so come whenever you are ready... just not oct. 28th-31st. thanks. we love you.

yea. my thoughts today. baby- when are you coming? we can't wait to meet you.

an incredible blessing

as of Friday, October 21st I am unemployed. I had so say "see you later" {for a while} to the kid that made me laugh, made me want to pull my hair out, and taught me so much.
in preparation for the coming of my own little boy I had so say goodbye to the little boy I've taken care of for the past 2 years.
I met Jack & Indy when Indy was still pregnant. They were looking for a nanny come November when her maternity leave was up & I was looking for a job come November when volleyball ended. After a little misunderstanding as to what Starbucks we would be meeting at... We had a great interview and they ended up hiring me! I was so thrilled. I met Jackson about a week before my official start date & he was just about the cutest baby I'd ever seen.
Once I started I knew I had about the best "job" EVER.
He took great naps, rarely was fussy, and always helped me with my homework. We would take walks, watch HGTV & Sprout, play, eat, and sleep. Couldn't be a better job.
It's crazy to think about how small he was when I started & where is now.

He runs, he screams, he laughs, he is sneaky, mischievous, he thinks the "toys" in the kitchen drawers/cabinets are better than any toy in his toy box... he's a dare devil- afraid of nothing, he doesn't say to much- but i almost always understand, he loves his dog...he is stubborn and very strong, he laughs every time i hurt myself, he's got mad coloring skills, he knows what he wants, he loves to snack... going "bye-bye" is the best, he's always up for a drive to the library, park, YMCA for a swim, wal-mart or king soopers... he loves being outside, he loves cars, he gives the best hugs & kisses to me and the baby :)in short, he's the best 2 year old I know. I seriously love this kid so much. I can't imagine what life is going to be like without seeing him nearly everyday. It was so hard saying goodbye. Even though I know I'll see him again... seriously how could you not love this face?!?
This "job" has been an incredible blessing. This family has been an incredible blessing. I am forever grateful for the time I spent with Jackson- all the love & tears & lessons. I will be a better mom because of him.
What an incredible blessing.

38 weeks!

Well here we are... Me & Baby
38 weeks!

I can hardly believe I am this close to having a child!
And that a whole baby, ready to be born, is just hanging out inside my belly.
It's a little insane if you think about it...
It is also pretty crazy if you think about amazing this whole process has been...
From the first symptoms to feeling him move, seeing it was a him, and now the crazy movement and the whole body preparing for birth thing. And that's leaving out so much!
God. Wow. Praise to You.
I would have to say in the last few weeks the biggest change has been just how my body feels. It is so strange. I am constantly "sore," like hard workout, too difficult to move, sore. Flipping over in bed is way too hard. Butt {sciatic nerve} pain, leg cramps, heavy belly. man, not fun. for me or Manny. he's being a great sport...
I am most excited to get his room all organized and ready. It may not be completely done, but I'm pretty sure he's not going to notice for a while... But eventually it will be done & perfect. I'm just ready to get a little organized. Hopeful that day will come this Thursday :)
I got my diaper bag yesterday. yahoo. seriously love it. it will be perfect {I think- I mean I've never done this before.... haha}
We've got all the plans figured out for what will happen when I go into labor... Depending on *this* we'll do *this* and call *them* etc. etc. etc. So many unknowns. But that's ok. God's timing will be perfect. I'm tired of guessing though. It will all happen when he's good & ready :)
I've been going to the doctor once a week now. I'm measuring right where I should be & not really dilated. Everything looks good. Next appointment is tomorrow.
Trying not to be nervous about the birth. It's going to happen. I have no idea what will happen. And I just keep trying to remember the advice of a good friend {who's baby is due any day now} that this is suppose to be a joyous time. God created it. God will be there. I've got nothing to worry about.
I seriously can't wait to meet this kid. What day will be his BIRTHday? What will he look like? Will he have hair? What color?
O goodness.
We are so stinking excited.

{back} Tuesday Thoughts

Well it might be a miracle... but I fixed my broken blog!!! I don't really know what happened or how I fixed it but I did. I am proud :) something about some other site that got hacked and it jacked up mine... but all better now.
back to blogging.

Last night Manny and I went to the Mona Lisa Fondue Restaurant on a nice date! Thank you to
the people I work for the gift certificate they couldn't use! We certainly enjoyed all the great food & the fact that the whole dinner process is just slow when you do fondue and we had plenty of time to talk and enjoy each other. The only picture I got of both of us. Manny looks a little drugged... He's not. promise.

In other news... this is my last week of work. CrAzY. more on that tomorrow.

I'm 38 weeks. AH.

Manny got all the furniture painted last weekend & it looks so great! I wish I would have taken before & after pictures. bummer. but if we can get the furniture back to our house {it's at my parents where we painted} I hope to get his room mostly done -meaning organized and put back together- by Thursday. that will be seriously exciting. I still need to do the mobile, finish about 10 letters for the abc wall, and put up any art work I have but that will all come in time...

Last Friday my mom & I went to ikea. that was a fun adventure :) mostly I just loved spending time with my mom! we got looks of fun stuff. great prices. but still spent a lot. ha.

For the first time ever I'm having my wedding ring "serviced." I can't wait to get it back all shiny & pretty!

We've been in our place for a little over a month. So far, so good. There is certainly less storage than we've ever had before & that is pretty challenging considering we're storing stuff for us & a whole new life now... We got a portable dishwasher, that shall be nice. I don't really enjoy hauling laundry everywhere, but it's not that awful {...for now, we'll see how I feel about that post-baby...}

It's getting cold now. All that means right now is baby is coming soon... And I have nothing to wear. Ha. Hopefully I'll fit into some of my clothes once this baby is out of my belly...

Ok. Can't think of much else. Jackson & I are going swimming today. yahoo!

a first.

today i did something i've never done before. i bought my baby diapers and wipes.

i've been doing some research and have found that although cheap/free diapers are nearly impossible to come by it is possible to find a good deal...
once i made the decision NOT to cloth diaper [because there is no washer/dryer in our place] i started looking for what i should be doing to get the best deal.
after doing some research here and here i've found a good goal price to aim for is about 10¢ per diaper... you think that's pretty easy, but just looking at i found prices ranging from 23¢ to 31¢ to 14¢ for the costco brand w/ a $10 off coupon. so 10¢ diapers- not easy to come by.
but i think it's a good goal. one i want to stick to, because i'm all about finding deals...
so today i saw this- 234 Pampers Swaddlers (Size 1) for $29.23 Shipped (12¢ Per Diaper) and because many of my friends exclusively use this brand for newborns i thought it would be worth it. only 2¢ from my goal & they get shipped to my house for free. i love free shipping.
and amidst my search for diaper deals i found this- Top Diaper Deals of the Week.
i think that will come in real handy... found a great deal on wipes too. and bought some so that i can actually clean my babies bottom.

so today i bought diapers and wipes for the first time.
Here's to great deals on diapers & wipes for many years to come!!!

Tuesday Thoughts

i'm one day late. i think i just forgot yesterday was tuesday.
i haven't done all the blogging i planned. a ten year old computer barely knows what blogging is. and makes it pretty difficult to actually post anything with a picture. boo.
last night we celebrated the birthday of one of our very best friends. jeremy- i met him when he was in 7th grade. he was a bridesmaid. for real. that's how good of a friend he is. happy birthday jer bear, we love you.
my last day of work keeps getting closer and closer. it's a bit scary. also exciting.
{about} 33 more days till we meet this little man.
Manny and i hammered out the details of what will happen when i go into labor. so much unknown. but it will all happen just as the Lord has planned. i'm crazy excited to see how that will all work out... early/late/at work/on a Saturday/will we be busy that day/will i labor at home for a while/water breaking/WHO KNOWS!??!?!?
there has been some yucky sickness going around. i don't want to get anything...
I GOT THE BUMPER last night! Seriously, i know i'm weird but i'm so stinking exciting about this over priced piece of cloth. it's perfect. it's the inspiration for the whole nursery. i love it.
baby is moving, moving, moving. it's not so much kicking anymore. i can't even explain it. ha.
the weather has been most perfect here lately. will continue to rock these maternity shorts until the last second possible... maybe i'll put them away when the blizzard comes...
1st real month in Tupperware- going to have to say- successful. difficult at times, but i've enjoyed it & walked away with extra monies. thank you God for your faithful provision.
baby shower with church people was last sunday. baby shower with family/friends is this sunday. seriously beyond blessed. this little guy is going to be very loved :)
need to keep myself drinking lots of water. i'm working on it.
craft fair also keeps getting closer- need to do some crafts yo!
ok no more thoughts today. peace.

beyond blessed.

so I cry. I cry pretty often. in fact I'm crying right now. but not because I'm sad or upset. it is because I am beyond blessed.
in the past year the Lord has placed some absolutely incredible women in my life. last night they all came together to celebrate me and this miracle in my belly. they showered me with presents, love, and pray. it was unreal.
but today i sit here not thankful for the really cute outfits they bought our baby boy, but for their hearts. my goodness. these women. their hearts are made of gold i'm sure. they are real and true. they are incredible mothers. they are the best friends. they are selfless and thoughtful. they shine the love Christ everyday. and even when sin and yuck get in the way they are quick to their knees and quick to seek the face of the One who created us all. they inspire me in so many ways.
i can't even comprehend how blessed i am to have these women in my life. {one of them happens to be my momma, she's the best}. so if you read this friends- thank you. i love you. seriously.

and today, Lord I'm thankful for these women. for their hearts. for their love. for their friendship. i am beyond blessed.

32-34 Weeks

wow. no question about it. i'm one very pregnant lady.
weeks 32-34.
my cousin got married.
Manny ran a half marathon.
Manny turned 25.
we finished birth classes.
i've been hosting my first Tupperware parties.
we moved.
john's been playing lots of football.
I had another doctor appointment-
blood pressure was much better.
baby was head down.
3 other babies were born at Alethia. crazy.
i've had the never ending cold.
it is much more difficult to bend over/ move around.
today marks only 1 month left with a job.
my heartburn is still pretty bad, but zantac works most of the time.
we're calling him ninja baby.
kicking, moving, flipping... all the time!
i can't believe we're going to have a baby in like a little more than a month.
i can't wait to meet him.
i can't believe this thing inside me is going to become a living breathing person that we get to take care of.
love you baby boy.

Tuesday Thoughts

I've been slacking on the blogging.
Mostly because I can't get any pictures on my computer. Because my computer broke & I can't just slide my SD card right into the side of the computer. I have to get our SD USB deal, which I keep forgetting. Maybe by the end of this week I'll remember it and post a bunch...
If I was on top of it I would have some exciting posts about...
- our trip to San Fransisco {which was a month ago!}
- moving
- a 32 week update & pic {I'm 33 weeks now}
- a day in the life of {pre-baby}
- Manny's 25th birthday
so yes, hopefully I'll get to those soon.
In other news...
My Tupperware business is coming along quite nicely. It's pretty exciting. I have my second party tonight! yahoo!
I started a new study with Alethia's Woman's Ministry, a Beth Moore on Revelation. Should prove to be quite exciting.
I found a glider/rocker on Craigslist. Got it for $20! YAHOO. Need to recover it though. Should be fun.
Still looking for a dresser. Need to get it. Paint it. Put in the room.
Really looking forward to baby showers. Maybe I'll feel a little more prepared after those...
Manny is playing on the church softball team. He's really good. And really hott. I really like that I can call him mine :)
Moving when pregnant is very tiring.
I'm getting back into the swing of making meals & buying food. Has it's perks and also sucks.
I love candy corn. Usually I make a rule that I can't buy any till October 1st. But I broke that rule this year. I'm pregnant.
If it gets cold me and my big belly are going to freeze. Should be fun.
My mom tried to be super nice and get me some maternity clothes I could wear for the next two months. They didn't work so I went to return them in hopes of finding something that would work. That didn't happen. I bought some stuff for the baby.
Loved making my ground beef in my Tupperware Stack Cooker last night. Seriously revolutionizing my life!
I'm going to eat a cookie.
Have a great Tuesday!


my love. my best friend. my very hot husband.
is 25 today!!!
Happy Birthday Manny Pollard
25 Reasons Why YOU are Beyond Greatness
1. you make me laugh everyday
2. you are incredibly handsome
3. you are the very best friend, to not only me but EVERYONE
4. you're going to be the best DAD
5. you are a great speaker of the Truth
6. you're the best race car driver -that's never driven a race car-
7. you always listen to my dreams
8. you give great hugs
9. you are incredibly caring
10. you have great perspective
11. you kiss me like you love me everyday
12. you hold my hand in the car almost every time
13. you remember everything
14. you have a really cute butt
15. you love your family and friends like it's nobody's business
16. you make the best pancakes every time we go camping
17. you're a great uncle
18. you always know exactly what to say
19. you take out the trash
20. you don't get too annoyed with me when i'm nosy
21. you can pick the best drinks
22. you love pizza - just as much as me & this baby do
23. you're passionate
24. you are humble
25. you're all mine!

Happy Birthday Babe. I love you too much.

the worst.

in the age of technological dependence i would say the worst thing ever is a crashed/dead/never to be restored hard drive.
all your work.
all your pictures.
the worst part- this has happened to me 3 times!!!

just a few weeks ago i dropped my computer. yea seriously sucky. but in a way it was ok because i had been good & backed up all my files just the day before.
today- i go to the hard drive to get some of those files back. i can't find them. i never actually backed anything up.

i seriously just want to cry.

about busynes...

Well, first of all I think busyness looks like it is spelled wrong... but that's besides the point.

My friend Adam is talking about on his blog HERE. And it got me thinking... What is all this busyness we've got going on? What is it doing to our lives, our marriages, our families? And how do we stop it? Or are we even supposed to stop it?

Let's take a look at this weekend... I would have to say it's pretty busy.
Friday: 7:30am-4:30pm work
Friday evening: PRHS Football Auction {supporting my brother's football team}
Saturday morning: watching my friends kiddos so they can help some friends move
Saturday afternoon: bridal shower for my soon-to-be cousin-in-law Jaimie
Saturday evening: brother's football game
Sunday morning: church
Sunday afternoon/evening: family & relaxing time
{holiday} Monday morning: husband & friend run half-marathon
Monday afternoon/ evening: cousin's wedding

So that's my weekend. Is it busy? Or is it just full of the people I love & doing stuff I love? Where's the line between family/community/healthy activity/etc and BUSY?
Romans 12:2- "Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect"
So I guess in everything that is going on this weekend I should ask myself, Am I conforming to the world? Have I sought God's will in this?

There have been times in my life when my busyness was all consuming, overwhelming, frustrating, irritating, and detrimental to what matters most to me. But I feel like when I ask myself is this busyness what God wants for my life right now, I have to answer with a yes.
Sure, I could stay home tonight & sit in the quiet, but I wouldn't be supporting those I love most. Sure, it would have been easier to tell my friend I can't want to watch her kids because I needed some time, but that wouldn't be blessing anyone. Sure, I could skip out on the shower and wedding, but I would miss out on seeing and celebrating with my great family.

And it goes beyond just this weekend. In this season of life, it would be easier to not be in two great woman's studies or be at every AlethiaYouth event or family dinners or later nights with friends all the while trying to grow a baby and start a business. Yes, doing none of that would be easier. But what is more glorifying?
For now, I think it's doing all of that. Come baby, I think it will all change. And that will be good.
But right now, in this season God has us busyness. Busy with family, friends, church, school, and other stuff. And I pray that within that busyness I never lose sight of Him and His will for my life.

So really that answers nothing and probably helps no one. I guess I'm just trying to figure out all of this life and process what His will in my life really is...

Tuesday Thoughts

this is my 100th post.
that's a lot of kim-thoughts.
i'm glad this blog helps me remember life & get some of my inspiration out.
it is fun at times.
other times it is overwhelming.
i think i'll keep it up...

always thankful

today i'm in funk. nothing is wrong. nothing is quite right.
"by joyful always. pray continually. give thanks in all circumstances for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." 1 thes. 5:16-18
giving thanks in all circumstances.
thank You for...
-a little boy who's will is strong
-the sunshine
-small escapes
-things to look forward to
-Your Word
-a good lunch
-clean water
-ice on a warm day
-my sunglasses
-clean up. clean up. everyone is cleaning up.
-a paycheck
-hope for the future
-how my husband makes me laugh
-completed to do lists
-accomplished goals
-good dog memories
-end of the work week
-restful sleep
-this baby in my belly
-feeling his kick, saying "Mom, snap out of it! You'll be fine"
-coming weekend celebrations with friends
-the gift of giving
-love. undeserved.

Tuesday Thoughts

this morning my best-east-coast friend texted me: you weren't affected by last nights earthquake were you?? umm... I didn't even know there was an earthquake. I tried looking around to see if anything had fallen off the walls- there wasn't anything. and she later informed me it was 150 miles south of denver. the news hasn't really even said anything.

this week I did 2 things from my pinterest boards! yahoo. I wrapped the letter W in green yarn for the baby's abc wall. it's very cute. and then last night I made a very yummy and easy chicken broccoli casserole. but then I forgot to make the rice. oops.

Tupperware business is going... the road hasn't been easy but I'm finding balance both with my time and in my head {it's so easy for me to let it become all-consuming}. Goal is to book 2 parties by the end of this week. I'm very close to dating one. Only one more to go. I'll also be submitting my first party this week. yahoo.

Jackson and I are going to the library and swimming today. can't wait.

I'm 30 weeks. seriously 30 weeks. only 10 more to go. I'm scared.nervous.excited. I have to pee often. heartburn is no fun. neither are these terrible leg cramps. but I love this belly of mine. more importantly I love this baby of mine. and I can't wait to meet him. ok I really can wait. I'll just be really excited when I do.

tomorrow AlethiaYouth is having a Taco Fiesta!

I find it rather amusing that I have "business expenses." ha. I guess I really am starting my own business or something... O what's that? You want to host a Tupperware party? GREAT. email me.

Have been listening to a lot of Shawn McDonald. he's my favorite.

Manny turns 25 in 16 days. crazy. we're getting old. kind of...

Ok time to get ready for the library/pool time. see ya.

Book Review: spiritual parenting

As I mentioned earlier, I was given this book by a pastor at our church who just happened to have a few extra copies. Never having read it himself he handed it to me and said "good luck. let me know what you think." well here are my thoughts...

Now, never having read another book on parenting or Christian parenting, in particular, this review may not be the best. but whatever. I honestly really appreciated the book. The author, Michelle Anthony, outlines ten "environments" that she believes should be implemented in the home. She states, "We're creating environments so that we open our homes and our children's lives to the Holy Spirit, so He can do His work in them" (pg. 41).

The ten environments include: storytelling, identity, faith community, service, out of the comfort zone, responsibility, course correction, love and respect, knowing, and modeling.

What I appreciated from this book is the intentionality it set to the act of parenting. I think so often parents just coast through their kids lives making sure they are pretty polite, kind of well-behaved, and make decent decisions. But God calls us to so much more!
I also appreciated how each environment was Biblically based. Each chapter offered so much Truth. In particular, course correction offered Biblical Discipline based on Hebrews 12:11-13. Discipline is not about punishment. God does tell us that yes, it is not pleasant, but in fact painful. But in the end it leads to healing. "The end goal for us as parents is to conduct God's discipline in our children's lives in such a way that they experience healing from their sin" (pg. 155).

The parenting discussed in this book is not of this world. It is truly of the Lord. It is about parents who walk by faith, and thank God for entrusting His treasures to them. It is about seeing what matters most to Him. It is about creating a home that will reflect the truth of the Lord.

In the end, how I how I parent will not be based on a book or some author's opinion. It will be based on the Bible and the calling Manny and I have from the Lord. However, I did appreciate the truths this book pointed out and the useful advice and strategies on how to implement parenting based on the calling of the Holy Spirit. I pray that God will continue to reveal His plan for my life as mom and that one day our home will be evidence of His work in our lives.

Starting this Business...

insert shameless advertising...
I've received my kit. I've had my Grand Opening. I've done my first sales. I've gotten all the training. I've read tons of information. I've heard all the opportunities.

And now it's time to date some Tupperware parties!

Are you interested in earning tons of FREE Tupperware?
Parties booked in September will earn you DOUBLE host benefits! And as one my first hosts you will receive a special Tupperware bonus!

Are you interested in a fun night with friends?
Hosting a party requires very little work from you! I will mail out reminder invitations, do a product demo, and create a delicious recipe for you and your guests.

Are you interested in helping me start my business?
This would be the best way!!! And I'd be forever grateful!

Please email me at kimpollard{@} or visit my website to contact me about hosting a party, getting tons of free Tupperware, and having a lot of fun!

I'm truly so excited to be starting this business!
And would love to have that start include you!

Tuesday Thoughts

I don't want to be a complainer. but sometimes there are just somethings that suck.
a. I dropped my computer. the hard drive is most likely jacked.
1. thankful that I had backed up all my documents and pictures just the day before.
2. thankful I have another computer to use {even if it is a 10 year old mac that can barely run the internet without shutting down.}
3. thankful for a friend who will look at it. and maybe fix it.
b. there are 29375987345 million flies. they are everywhere. outside. inside. everywhere. i've killed at least 10 this morning alone.
4. thankful for the fly swatters. which are somehow unbelievably good at hitting them. even if I have terrible aim.
5. thankful that Jackson can make me laugh as he pretends to get the flies too.
c. today is my Tupperware Grand Opening. I'm pretty darn stressed out over the whole thing.
6. thankful for 2 grandparents who support me and ordered something
7. thankful that by 9pm tonight it will all be over.
8. thankful that even if there are no people there & it's awkward and I make no money there will at least be some good desserts- ginger snaps, cheesecake bites, and german chocolate cake.
9. thankful that this is just the beginning and what I do from here is up to me.
d. by 8am this morning Jackson had already had the worst blowout/ leak through of his life.
10. thankful for a clean diaper & plenty of wipes.
11. thankful Indy will be home by Wednesday and all will be back to normal.
12. thankful for the washing machine. and plenty of hand soap for myself.
e. I wish we had an answer.
13. thankful God is in control. "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28
f. today is pretty much the last day of summer {Manny starts work tomorrow at the school}
14. thankful that I don't have to go back to school right now!
15. thankful the sun is still shining & keeping us warm
16. thankful I know this because Jackson has had on his sunglasses and sandals since 7:30am.
g. because my computer is broken, I can't upload any pictures from our great trip.
17. thankful that I even have a camera to take pictures with
18. thankful that I had a trip to go on
19. super thankful for the time away with my husband
20. even more thankful for my husband. seriously.

even if there is suck. there is so much more thankful.

Nursery Decorate, part 4

furniture is expensive. but i've got an idea & i'm going with it.
my plan: find a dresser on craigslist or at a garage sale for less than $40.
{exactly like this one: craigslist- $40}
paint it navy. using the steps found here.
{will be just this cute}
and then use it! dresser. changing table. wonderful.
and the awesome abc art wall will go right above it. yea.
soonish I will show how I actually did this!

Tuesday Thoughts

+well, just did my first real work as a Tupperware consultant! spent an hour calling everyone about my Grand Opening or letting them know that I was doing this. it was good. stretched me a little more than I thought it would. but I'm excited :)
+still reading spiritual parenting. it's good. I feel like I'm learning quite a bit. and I came up with the next idea for AlethiaYouth's service project! super excited about that.
+have a long to do list for this very short week. but can't wait to cross everything off and get on that plane- just me and my husband {and our baby in my belly} alone in a cool, new city ready to explore, relax, and enjoy each other!
+so thankful for friends. and that they like sharing dinner with us ;)
+have a doctor's appointment today. getting my glucose test. so have to drink that orange drink they gave me in about 10 minutes. everyone is saying it will be super gross. we shall see.
+I had to walk out of the post office today with jackson {before I mailed my packages} because he was throwing the biggest tantrum ever & wouldn't stop screaming. seriously. I did not enjoy that at all.
+but then we went to the Y to swim. it was very fun. he's like the cutest, happiest fish I've ever seen!
+it's amazing to me how quickly calendars fill up. seriously amazing. should it be different? I really don't know....
+ok. that's all. i'll be breaking from blogging until next week. anniversary/babymoon vacation- here we come!

28 Weeks

wow. 28 weeks. start of my third trimester.
seems pretty unreal!
as you can tell from the pictures above I'm looking quite pregnant {the dog really wanted to be a part of picture session}
feeling quite pregnant as well.
I love love love feeling this baby kick me as much as he does.
it's all over- high, close to my ribs, real low and deep, or sometimes right on the side and you can see it by just looking at my belly.
my belly button still hasn't popped out.
i'm feeling it in my back much more ~ so thankful for a husband willing to give me a back massage nearly every night!
still getting heartburn, but not as often. it's worse if we eat out.
can't believe how swollen my ankles & feet are getting already! i feel like this will only get worse...
definitley easily tired. seriously, can't stay up past 11pm.
sleeping is different every night. sometimes ok, sometimes pretty awful. suprisingly I slept great when we went camping! yahoo.
clothing options are getting fewer and fewer...
super excited about our anniversary/babymoon trip this weekend!
feeling slightly less overwhelmed with the idea of raising a child. learning what it means to be an abiding mom. so thankful for great, Godly women lifting me up & giving me the advice, encouragement, support I'm needing...
can't wait to meet this little man!
seriously, what color will his hair be?!?!
we love you, little guy. we love you o so much!

the start of something new

Well, yesterday I started something new...

I became a Tupperware consultant.

I don't really know what it means yet, but I am excited for the opportunity to sell a great product, be involved in a wonderful team, and hopefully make a financial contribution to my ever-growing family.

My commitment is to do what is good for me & my family. So I really have no clue what that will be... But I'm excited. Maybe it means a few parties a month, maybe it means one. Either way I know God placed this opportunity in my life at what seems to be the perfect time & I'm ready to see how it all will work out.

If you would like to hear about this "something new" just ask!

I even have a website-

I will have a Grand Opening on Aug. 16th & we'll see what happens from there!

I'm super excited!


As I continue on in this journey towards motherhood, I have easily become overwhelmed with the idea of raising this boy to become a Christ-follower, a strong leader, a man of God. Currently, I am reading Spiritual Parenting by Michelle Anthony. Adam, a pastor at our church, packaged the books & had a few extra copies and handed one to me. The books talks mostly about creating "environments" for being a spiritual parent. One of those environments is identity.

In the past few months I have often looked back on my own childhood and my own parents. What did they do that allowed me to be who I am? How did they raise me so that I knew right from wrong, hard work, and the importance of having Christ as number one in my life? These questions often go unanswered in my mind... But as I read this chapter, I had an "AHA" moment.

Anthony talks about the importance of creating an identity with God that is founded in Christ. Based of Ephesians 1, she wrote a statement of identity for each of her children:
"My name is _________. I am the chosen and adopted daughter of the Most High King. I'm the heir to an eternal inheritance waiting for me in heaven. I have been bought and completely paid for by the perfect sacrifice of Christ's own blood and am sealed throughout all eternity by God's Holy Spirit."
What truth that statement speaks!

For as long as I can remember my parents said "Remember who you are" every time my sisters or brother or I walked out the door, left the car, or walked away. Most of the time I would roll my eyes and walk off, but as I look back I can see the true gravity of the statement. Even if I did roll my eyes, I would know who I was. I was/am a hard-worker, a Christ-follower, a forgiven sinner, a daughter of the King, etc.

And they continued to instill those values in me even when I "forgot who I was." Each time I messed up, disobeyed, or failed they reminded me "Yes, this time you did not choose choose, but this does not define you. This not who are. This is something you did, but is not who you are. You're still the same person. You still belong to God- you are in Christ. And that can't be taken away. We love you."

And isn't that what this whole thing is really about? It's about forgiveness. About Christ's unfailing love. About freedom in who I am, just as God created me. It's about my identity in Him.

Figuring out how to instill this identity in my son will be something Manny and I will continually work out. But I can see how my parents worked to teach me my value in Christ alone, even when I forgot. I am so thankful for this moment. For the years my parents told me to "Remember who I was." And even more grateful for the years they spent teaching me truth about my identity. I pray Manny and I will teach and instill the truths of God's word into our son's life daily and someday he will always remember who he is.

Tuesday Thoughts

1. i'm feeling very tired today... a nap will most certainly {hopefully} be in my future.
2. it going to rain.
3. yesterday the baby kicked and kicked and kicked. i think he wore himself out. today he's been much less active.
4. we are going rafting with our youth kids this weekend. and "we" i mean, manny and kids and other leaders are going rafting while i read a book. that's ok.
5. i just bought a super cute print for the baby room off etsy. check out this great shop.
6. jackson has just stopped using his spoon to eat applesauce. instead is using it to eat ketchup.
7. bought a new brand of mac n' cheese. very good. yum.
8. i think the Lord has provided some great opportunities for me once this baby comes. i plan on confirming them later today... or maybe tomorrow...
9. jackson might be the only 2 year old in the world that puts mac n' cheese in his mouth & then spits it out. seriously. who is this kid?
10. less than 3 months till i meet my baby. ah!
11. still trying to work on a good nickname...
12. lunch with a 2 year old who doesn't talk is quite peaceful...
13. only thirteen weeks left in this pregnancy. {i'll think we'll stop here. 13 thoughts for 13 weeks}

Nursery Decorate, part 3

the crib.
i'm assuming this is going to be a very important part of this nursery.
i found this cute & reasonable crib at
i think it will be great.
the bedding.
my main inspiration for the color story of the room.
love the plaid. love the turtle fitted crib sheet.
loving orange, blue, and green.
so we'll splurge on the bumper from Pottery Barn Kids & get the great turtle fitted sheet.
i plan on making the crib skirt. using a tutorial, something like this. maybe navy with white trim? don't really know about that one yet.
{and no quilt for this crib.}

a view of the whole room.

yea. so excited for these colors & this bumper.

no easy decision...

early this morning i read "photo albums are dead to us" ah. harsh.
but then i got to thinking...
yes, i love scrapbooking. but it is very time-consuming and rather expensive...
i really enjoy the clean look of the photo book.
but scrapbooking is my hobby, my outlet.
you can always gets a photo book half-off.
i've been doing a lot of other crafty things lately, putting my scrapbooking last on the list.
photo books are small, compact, and easier to look at.
i feel like i waste a lot when scrapbooking; extra printed pictures. letters such as q-z-x. paper. stickers. etc.
putting together a photo book is still fun.
as i strive to create a scrapbook for every year of our life, i only get more and more behind.
so the more i think about it. the more i think.
scrapbooking in my life is over for now. enter the photo book.

i will still be able to do the paper crafts i love via cards, etc. i won't waste or spend half as much. i'll {semi} quickly create a photo book online using probably snapfish and then wait till a half off deal comes to purchase it. yea, i think that sounds good for my life.

{i am completely aware how insane this post might sound... but seriously, for me this was no easy decision}

Tuesday Thoughts

so have you heard of pinterest? well, if you haven't it is this great little website where you can easily "pin" every sort of picture, recipe, idea, craft to-do, etc into one place with the link attached right to it. purely genius if you ask me. my favorites bar was getting a little too crowded and difficult maneuver.
so i've been pinning away. all sorts of great things for this baby boy's room, for my dream house, and plenty of crafts i would love to do. Sherry over at YoungHouseLove and a couple other ladies are doing a "pinterest challenge." i couldn't listen to the instructional video because my comp's speakers don't work. but i think i get the gist of it- once a month actually create something you have pinned. i think i can do that. sounds like fun. now what to create???

in other news. 26 weeks pregnant. wow. less than 100 days to go. {97}. english hothouse cucumber size. ha!

hoping to go camping.

ikea opens tomorrow. yahoo. hopefully will get up there with some $$$ soon :)

currently reading~ spiritual parenting.

our baby's hearing is really starting to develop. Manny talked with him quite a bit last night. so unbelievably sweet. {i don't want to ever forget that.}

yesterday i ate. and ate. and ate. today i'm trying to better :) but, man i love tuna melts!

jackson is going through a phase= crying is more fun than... anything else. um, no thank you. and i'm not going to give you everything you want. so let the crying continue.

i still don't understand spacing on this stupid blog. and i'd still really love a new blog design. help, anyone? i'll pay you in crafts or cookies...

ok. i'm out of here.

be still

too many thoughts...
and all I need to do is...

it's amazing how a little time in the Word, sitting the early morning sunlight will be the truth I need to remember in the late afternoon heat.


there are so many things to think about.
this growing up thing is hard.
so is this baby on the way deal.
there are so many options. so many ideas swirling around in this head of mine.
so much to worry about.
but that is no what I am called to do.
His commands are simple. His commands are true.

well that was a bust...

right before Tahoe I started seeing some signs around Black Forest talking about a Farmer's Market
I called. Spot was only $30.
I thought it would be a great opportunity for Kaci & I to start "selling" all these crafts we've been creating...

We stayed up late and finished up projects.
We showed up at 7:45am.
We set up.
{at least our booth looked cute}

and then we sat...
said hi. ate tootsie rolls. were thankful for our supportive husbands, family members, and friends. talked to Pedro selling tameles next door. talked. talked about being pregnant!. and sat. and then packed up to go home.
we didn't sell one stinking thing.
welp. certainly the wrong market/demographic/everything.
but it was good practice. we have tons of stuff left.
we're going to a real craft fair in october. hopefully that will go much better.
{and if it doesn't we'll never speak of this ever again}
but here's some close-ups of our stuff:
Kaci's yarn wreaths

my cake stands & Kaci's framed word art and frame wreaths

Kaci's twine wreaths, my monogrammed cards, and button art

and my fabric flower hair clips & a hair clip holder (not pictured)

so that's it. not such a great way to spend a Saturday. but you live and learn.
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morning at the ZOO with two of my very favorites

last week Jackson & I went to the ZOO. we dragged Johnny along :)
I couldn't imagine a better morning at one of my favorite places with two of my favorite people!

{it was a little warm}

Johnny saw his favorite, the tiger up close & personal. {the tiger was pissed about something.}

He's going to be the best uncle :)

the bears were awesome & playing the water right in front of us

doing some exploring...

right before we left {after Jackson's tantrum}

a great morning :) ended our trip with chik-fil-a. happiness all around.
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so i did this great bible study. with some great friends. we read through a great book. and learned the value of gifts... and a few months later. i've stopped thinking about gifts. i'm easily overwhelmed and frustrated. i'm forgetting to notice all these gifts. gifts that come straight from my Heavenly Father. so back numbering my gifts....

jackson as a seal.
a relaxing day by the pool-
the pool she never thought she'd be at.
finally finding a good spray paint
this baby in my belly.
yogurt covered raisins.
lotion for my dry skin.
communication throughout the day through a simple plastic box
rainbows {the shoes}
rainbow tan lines
"like parched land, my soul thirsts for You."
gifts 318-332

Tuesday Thoughts

yesterday was so hot. i don't even understand how it got so hot inside this house. i put jackson to sleep naked {except a diaper}. because i was so hot. i'm convinced this baby inside me was very hot as well. kept kicking me. a lot. seriously we were so hot.

my mind is spinning. i want so much for myself. i want to glorify God with every moment of my life. i want to be more. do more. live more. FOR CHRIST. i want all this, yet i don't do anything about it. i fail. i don't understand. {i mean, i do- yes, we're sinners living in a fallen world} but i feel like i'm just stubborn and dumb. i look around and see these women of God, full-heartedly chasing after their Savior with all that they are. and here i am, sitting, wishing i was in such great pursuit. and it makes no sense that i sit here and complain. that i let these thoughts stir in my head. sending me into a depression of sorts. and yet i do nothing. it makes not sense. i need help. and i think i need the help of someone else.

BUT that's not what i need. I NEED CHRIST. i need to rely on Him. not on my own selfish-lazy-dumb self. yes, it's overwhelming. but through Him, all things are possible.

too many thoughts for this tuesday...

2 perfect years

2 years ago I married my love. It was a perfect day. It's been a perfect two years.
look at this handsome man. goodness, I LOVE HIM.

walking down the aisle to meet my husband.

those who stood by our side. so thankful for them.

our incredible ceremony.

yahoo! we're married!

we're all really excited!

so that was our wedding. the reception was perfect too. goodness, we've done a lot in two years...

we've gone to disneyworld
traveled to new york, california, tahoe,
and soon san fransisco for an anniversary/ babymoon trip! {can't wait}
we went on the craziest bike ride of my life for our one year anniversary.
we've graduated college. and i started my masters.
we made it through an entire, miserable volleyball season.
we moved.
we left a steady job to help start a church.
we've left other jobs & started new ones.
we've had cars break down, have borrowed cars, and even bought 3 cars!
we got active & cheered each other on in half-marathons & triathlons.
we got pregnant!
we've trusted the Lord every step of the way.
I am so thankful for this day. for the day I promised my life to the love of my life.
Manny, you are beyond greatness. I love you too much.
I can't wait for a billion more perfect years!

{p.s. weren't we so cool on this perfect day 2 years ago?}

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