seriously. so excited.
10 days out of this town.
at beautiful lake tahoe.
i'll see you when we get back.

Tuesday Thoughts [on a Wednesday]

Yesterday, I did homework instead of blog. Good job me.

I also had a ***serious pregnancy brain right now, can't think of the right word*** Ok, let's just say I got the crafting bug yesterday. Left work, went to wal-mart, and got 4 cans of spray paint for some different projects.
As soon as I got home I got to work. And 2 hours later was pretty discouraged. Nothing I had planned to work out, worked out the way I had hoped. I was trying the cheap wal-mart spray paint (96cents cheap) and it sucked! So lesson learned, spend $3.46 on the good stuff. Ugh, so those frames look ugly. The paper I mod-podged turned out ugly. The cake stands... I don't know yet. I'll be finishing that one tomorrow. Hopefully not ugly. But I'm really liking the buttons, I ordered 400 more today.

Really, I would just love one completed project. really.

Friday we are heading up to Vail/Beaver Creek for the Tough Mudder. Seriously if my husband {and 10 of his close friends} are alive by Saturday at noon, I will be suprised. This obstacle course/ race is INSANE. Watch INSANE video of race here. Pray for my dear husband please.

Pregnant moment of the day: I ate 2 hot dogs in wheat bread for lunch.

I would really, really like a new blog layout.

Yesterday, Jackson and I had a lovely walk to the park. 2 hours in the sunshine. I love summer.

Praying for my dear friend Nicole as she is on an mission trip in Nepal, leading a group of college students through the mountains.

I'll be leading the devotional/ bible study tonight for our youth group... Should be fun.

running out of thoughts. adios.

Nursery Decorate, part 1

So here's the plan for our nursery/ guest room/ office!
Goodness, I'm so excited to be doing this!
Although these "blue prints" are very not-to-scale I thought I start off with a rough plan of what I want this room to looke like. bird's eye view.
There are so many projects and ideas I have for this room. I seriously can't even wait.
But for now, this is what I think I want to do...
Maybe I'll have a nursery decorate post/ update once or twice a week...

20 Weeks

ok really, I'm 21 weeks as of today. But I thought doing a 20 week update sounded better & this picture was taken in the 20th week...

Halfway through my pregnancy?!?! Seriously. That sounds crazy.

So excited to know it's a BOY. Now I just need to get into the habit of calling him a "him" and not an "it."

I've been feeling little flutters, movements, etc for a couple weeks now... But it is so little I hardly know if I'm feeling him kick or just having a muscle spasm or indigestion...

I've gained about 6lbs so far. Feeling pretty good about that.

At our last doctor's appointment both baby and I checked out healthy and normal on everything. Praise God.

Physically I'm feeling... A LOT:

- a little bit of movement

- achiness in my lower abs and sides {as I grow}

- heartburn {for the first time ever}

- occasional dizziness

- tailbone ache when I don't sit on something padded

- nasal congestion

- sensitive gums that bleed when I brush

- leg cramps {multiple times every night}

- mild swelling of feet every once and a while

{it seems like a lot, but really it's not and I'm just glad I've stopped throwing up!}

Emotionally I'm feeling...

- moody as always

- SO forgetful!!! and just dumb...

- pretty scared about being really for this baby... Our good friend Kellie had her baby today! Yahoo! And I'm just feeling so not ready to be there! But I know I will be when the time comes...

Spiritually I'm feeling...

- so thankful

- a little overwhelmed with the heaviness of the reality that it is up to Manny and I to raise this boy to be a man of God...

So that's where I'm at...

Getting excited about planning his room & registering :)

More on that later!

Baby Boy: Your dad {happy almost first father's day Manny} and I love you so much. I love that we can call you our son. I'm excited to see what you look ~ blonde hair? Yes. ~ I'm excited to decorate your room & make it so unbelievably cute. I'm excited to keep looking more and more pregnant :) But really, I'm so excited to meet you. And a little glad that I have four more months to get ready. All my love.

Tuesday Thoughts

This is all that has been consuming my mind for the last week or so. Manny has worked so many hours on this thing! And for a youth pastor he's done an incredible job! Even though the prep was exhausting, seeing come together for the past two days has been awesome. I'm in charge of "Wee Care." Or nursery for the volunteers with little ones to small to participate in VBS. So I have Jackson and about 6 other kiddos. We're kind of left out... But we have our own version of rec time, crafts, snack, and Bible story. It's tiring but fun, and there is lots of great help!
2 days down, 3 to go!

Boulder Sunrise


700 yards in freezing cold water while being kicked & trampled


17 miles through beautiful Boulder country roads


3.2 miles by the reservoir in the hot morning sun


in under 2 hours


my husband is a stud

Tuesday Thoughts

It's a BOY!!!!
ugh. this stupid thing won't let me upload any pictures of my awesome and hott husband swimming.biking.running & finishing his TRIATHALON.
hopefully I will really post this post later. when it decides to work. ugh.

lamps are expensive...

I'm pretty sure this happens to most people when they get married... They are shocked by the price of a few things. Things they need. Things they use everyday. Things they've really never thought about buying... Until they get married and need to fill a house full of beautiful and useful things...

For me one of those items was lamps. Lamps are expensive. I would have never imagined that the average cost of lamp is between $40-$60, sometimes way more! And being the *cheap* person I am it was just something I couldn't break down and pay that much for. For our bedside lamps I searched and searched and searched {for over a year} until I found two great matching lamps at Marshalls for less than $25. Now that I can deal with.

When we moved into my parents basement {where we currently reside} I quickly came to the realization that we were going to need another lamp. Ugh. So for the past 5 months if we've needed lights we've just used the very bright overhead can lights, but after a while the brightness gets old night after night so I began searching... Couldn't find anything. Then one random day I stopped into Goodwill & happened to see a decently shaped, very blue and bronze lamp for only $8.99. And I bought it. It sat for quite some time with no attention. Then I got spray paint. More time passes. Finally decide to do something with it a couple weeks ago.
Step 1: Open spray paint.
Step 2: Put painters tape on parts of lamp that can't be spray painted.
Step 3: Put lamp in box & take outside to start spraying.
Step 4: Realize Colorado is the windiest place in the world and move into open garage.
Step 5: Many coats. Trying not to have drips.
Step 6: Let dry for a couple days.
Step 7: Realize you missed a lot & need to do another coat.
Step 8: Do second coat.
Step 9: Try and find a lamp shade. Bring home the wrong one twice. Finally get one at Walmart.
Step 10: Put lamp shade on lamp & bring downstairs. Add light bulb & plug in.

Lamp pre & mid spray paint

All done & looking pretty shiny!

Done with lampshade!

Looking swell in my basement living room :)

Seriously I am so pleased with this lamp! I was clapping with joy. Seriously.
Cost break down:
- Lamp base from Goodwill: $8.99
- Lamp shade from Walmart: $14.49
- Black spray paing (Hobby Lobby): $4.99
TOTAL COST = $28.47

Ok, so maybe that's still a pretty expensive lamp... But I'm super happy with it & I can use the spray paint for something else... That's worth something right?