Tuesday Thoughts

I've been slacking on the blogging.
Mostly because I can't get any pictures on my computer. Because my computer broke & I can't just slide my SD card right into the side of the computer. I have to get our SD USB deal, which I keep forgetting. Maybe by the end of this week I'll remember it and post a bunch...
If I was on top of it I would have some exciting posts about...
- our trip to San Fransisco {which was a month ago!}
- moving
- a 32 week update & pic {I'm 33 weeks now}
- a day in the life of {pre-baby}
- Manny's 25th birthday
so yes, hopefully I'll get to those soon.
In other news...
My Tupperware business is coming along quite nicely. It's pretty exciting. I have my second party tonight! yahoo!
I started a new study with Alethia's Woman's Ministry, a Beth Moore on Revelation. Should prove to be quite exciting.
I found a glider/rocker on Craigslist. Got it for $20! YAHOO. Need to recover it though. Should be fun.
Still looking for a dresser. Need to get it. Paint it. Put in the room.
Really looking forward to baby showers. Maybe I'll feel a little more prepared after those...
Manny is playing on the church softball team. He's really good. And really hott. I really like that I can call him mine :)
Moving when pregnant is very tiring.
I'm getting back into the swing of making meals & buying food. Has it's perks and also sucks.
I love candy corn. Usually I make a rule that I can't buy any till October 1st. But I broke that rule this year. I'm pregnant.
If it gets cold me and my big belly are going to freeze. Should be fun.
My mom tried to be super nice and get me some maternity clothes I could wear for the next two months. They didn't work so I went to return them in hopes of finding something that would work. That didn't happen. I bought some stuff for the baby.
Loved making my ground beef in my Tupperware Stack Cooker last night. Seriously revolutionizing my life!
I'm going to eat a cookie.
Have a great Tuesday!

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