a first.

today i did something i've never done before. i bought my baby diapers and wipes.

i've been doing some research and have found that although cheap/free diapers are nearly impossible to come by it is possible to find a good deal...
once i made the decision NOT to cloth diaper [because there is no washer/dryer in our place] i started looking for what i should be doing to get the best deal.
after doing some research here and here i've found a good goal price to aim for is about 10¢ per diaper... you think that's pretty easy, but just looking at costco.com i found prices ranging from 23¢ to 31¢ to 14¢ for the costco brand w/ a $10 off coupon. so 10¢ diapers- not easy to come by.
but i think it's a good goal. one i want to stick to, because i'm all about finding deals...
so today i saw this- 234 Pampers Swaddlers (Size 1) for $29.23 Shipped (12¢ Per Diaper) and because many of my friends exclusively use this brand for newborns i thought it would be worth it. only 2¢ from my goal & they get shipped to my house for free. i love free shipping.
and amidst my search for diaper deals i found this- Top Diaper Deals of the Week.
i think that will come in real handy... found a great deal on wipes too. and bought some so that i can actually clean my babies bottom.

so today i bought diapers and wipes for the first time.
Here's to great deals on diapers & wipes for many years to come!!!

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