i don't want to forget...

Joshua, I don't want to forget...

how you are obsessed with tea parties
your love for tea party soup and pretend pizza 
the way you say "jump-in-the-watee" and "clifford-the-big-red-dog"
how much you love green beans, peppers, and anything i call a "special treat"
how every time we get in the car you want to listen to "tyler's song" & "kaci's song"
your special friendship with Jocelyn
how you kindly share toys with your brother
your love for the snow 
how you always look for "luna" (the moon)
how you sleep with all your blankies, animals, and lightening mcqueen 
your no-fear, i can do everything attitude 
how you always want to jump in puddles
how you wear your cowboy boots 6 days of the week
your monster/dinosaur/dragon roars 

this age is fun. this age is hard. 
we love you Joshua!

Asher Gray: 8 months

 My big boy! 
I can't believe you are 8 months old, wearing 12 month clothes, and about to crawl. 
The pajamas you are wearing in the picture below- your brother wore at 18 months. That's crazy! 

 Speaking of your brother, you think he's pretty great. He makes you laugh, gives you snacks (behind my back), brings you toys, and is always checking up on you. I love seeing your little relationship blossom & can't wait to see your friendship grow!

You are now a pro at rolling around and getting what/where you want. 
You can get up on your knees and rock back & forth, but no crawling yet.

 You are funny. 
You like to laugh & are very ticklish.
Story for the photo below- We had been out running errands. I thought you would fall asleep on the way home so I put your cover over your car seat. We stopped to get some gas. I got back in the car and you had pulled the car seat shad and canopy down and were peeking out at me & giggling! Too funny!

I love that grin!

You're back to sleeping through the night no problems! 
You still nap three times a day and eat 5-7oz about 5 times a day. 
You still HATE real food.

You are a joy & such a treasure. 

We love you more and more everyday!
love, your momma & daddy