thankful 2013

It was Happy Thanksgiving for the Lions Loving Family!

we laughed & relaxed & ate so very well. 

playing with cousins & watching the game.

loving on grandkids.

hanging out on the floor during the meal.

and post-meal cousin park time.


over the mountains & through the snow...

to Gram's house we go!

manny, me & the boys made a quick weekend trip to see one of my favorite people in the world. 
my Gram. 

it was honestly the best trip we've had there in a while. 
joshua was awesome. 
asher did great. 
it was so wonderful to have manny there to help & be with us. 

we enjoyed everything second of just being with Gram. 

we visited and relaxed at Uncle Jerry and Aunt Sue's. 
josh loved the tractors & the chickens!

 we are so blessed. 
to know her and love her and just be with her.

we love our Gram!

we drove home {through a blizzard on Monarch pass} in the night & the boys slept the whole way.

Asher Gray: 5 months

So if this is any indication, every time I go to think or write about your 5 month post I think or write 3 months. every.single.time. I think that means you are growing up way too fast my boy!

 Asher, at 5 months old:
You learned how to roll over & how to sit up {mostly unsupported}.

You started grabbing at everything & wanting to actually hold/ play with toys.
You enjoy lots of time in your exersaucer & in the bumbo watching your brother play.

You are awake a little bit more than before, but still nap like a champ and our schedule is pretty much the same. 

You keep on growing! 
17lbs, size 3 diapers, and {growing out of} 9 month clothes.

You met some pretty cool family members this month:
{all great-} Grandpa Huntley, Uncle Dick & Tante Colleen, Tante Gretta & Uncle John

You still have some sort of cough/cold/yuck thing...
It's made for some extra cuddly days & waking up earlier than I would like but with no fever or anything else the doctor isn't concerned. So I'm trying to cut out dairy and rule out any allergy... we shall see.

You are just CUTE!
.those cheeks just kill me.

Asher, you are truly a blessing to everyone! Those cheeks and that smile are just enough to kill someone with cuteness. You are my lover boy. Cuddles, kisses, being close. You are all too wonderful at just LOVING! Go right ahead and keep that up Asher man. 
my joy boy, 
we love you more and more every day!
love, your momma

thankful: Nov. 1st- 7th

  1. talking to Joshua first thing in the morning 
  2. early morning kisses for my boy 
  3. the fact that nursing with Asher is going so well 
  4. that i can work from home 
  5. my sister
  6. freddies. 
  7. fries. 
  8. custard. yum. 
  9. go bears! 
  10. senior night WIN 
  11. watching our boy feel like home is at a football stadium
  12. my moby wrap
  13. that super awesome brother of mine
  14. our new SHED
  15. friends to help move & lift it
  16. my daddy, always looking out for us 
  17. a husband who supports me & watches the boys while i go run 
  18. meeting my 4 mile goal 
  19. the ability to run 
  20. being a block from the Sante Fe trail 
  21. a 2nd birthday party 
  22. train tracks 
  23. friends and family together to celebrate
  24. a husband who works hard for our church and Jesus
  25. family who loves and supports
  26. a 5 minute drive from Kma & Opa's to our house 
  27. going to church to see Daddy
  28. 10 little babies in the nursery 
  29. Alethia Church 
  30. friends who love on our boys
  31. Sunday afternoon naps 
  32. getting another run in 
  33. grace from my husband when i mess up
  34. our bible study 
  35. king soopers roasted chickens ready to eat 
  36. meals with friends
  37. knowing that this season won't last forever 
  38. monday morning laundry 
  39. joshua doing so great at his 2 year appointment 
  40. my moby warp (again) (making my life with two much easier)
  41. my great friend, kaci 
  42. great friends for our boys, jocelyn & ella
  43. dinner with friends
  44. a blog to keep track of this great life 
  45. time to work 
  46. an unexpected date 
  47. really good coffee
  48. Grandma Mary 
  49. Grandpa George
  50. tasty leftovers (for days) 
  51. that the boys have 4 grandparents to love and spoil them all the time
  52. extra blankets on cold nights
  53. staying up late just to kiss him goodnight
  54. the dentist
  55. no more tooth pain 
  56. a good nights rest 
  57. all our amazing youth group kids 
  58. all the joy they bring 
  59. Kma 
  60. Opa
  61. Uncle Johnny
  62. late night french toast
  63. hard conversations
  64. early mornings 
  65. 3 miles south & back 
  66. hot coffee & a shower to warm me up 
  67. candy corn for joshie & mommy
  68. noodle lunch
  69. 3 blocks to the park 
  70. 4 blocks to the post office
  71. naptime
  72. Halloween candy leftovers
  73. a new show 
  74. a sitting up boy 

Joshua Manuel: 2 years

It's hard to believe that I have a two year old! You made me a momma two years ago. Two years ago, we skipped out on all the Halloween activities and hung out in the Labor&Delivery floor of the hospital. In these two years, you have blessed us beyond belief! You bring joy and laughter into, usually every.single.hour.
At two years old, I don't want to forget:
  • how you want "noodle lunch" for every single meal
  • the way you add an "s" to any word that ends in "er"
    •  i.e. Tylers, laters, Ashers, underwears
  •  how you yell "go bears" every time see Uncle Johnny's yard sign or the PRHS Bears logo
  • your love for all things musical, dancing, and singing 
  • the way you call things "cute" 
  • the kisses you give your baby brother
  • when you say things are hiding that you cannot find, i.e. cows in the field or the moon 
  • how you run around with your arms behind you like a cape when we yell "SUPER JOSH"  
  • how you potty trained (pretty much yourself) 2 weeks before your 2nd birthday
At two years old, some of your favorites include: 
  • your blankies, monkey, Ben the doggie, and night-night bear in your crib with you every time you sleep
  • hanging out with your best pal, Jocelyn
  • playdough 
  • doing "paperwork" with momma 
  • "spraying" your hair to get ready to go 
  • eggs, apples, milk, noodles, green beans
  • elmo
  • going to church to see Daddy 
  • playing in the dirt
  • going on walks 
  • reading with Grandma Mary 
  • wash the dishes 
  • play with your "ham" fixing Opa's house 
  • making tents
  • tickling your bro 
  • singing about everything. singing "kaci's song" and "tyler's song." singing "hallelujah."
  • shoes
  • favorite shows: curious george, the Lorax, and super why! 

There are days that are hard. And we are all learning the hard way how to love and discipline and parent and obey.  But we are working together, trusting the Lord has a great plan for you and your strong-willed, opinionated ways. We are so thankful for you. You are an amazing blessing!

2 months Stats: 
  • Weight- 30 lbs- 83%
  • Height- 34in- 53%
  • Head Circumference- 19.5in- 81%
Happy 2nd Birthday Joshua Manuel Pollard!!! 
 we love you more and more everyday! 
love, your momma

Fall Festivities

soaking in fall this year was pretty fun...
{in an attempt to get my money's worth} I mean, one super fun activity we did for the first time as pumpkin carving!
the rotting pumpkin got a really large mouth. joshua wasn't super impressed.
my sweet boys- 
dinosaur & specked egg

apple bob'n at the Alethia Fall Fest 
sweet friends playing chase
cousin time.
trunk or treat games
dino, Kma & Opa
family picture?
on actual Halloween... 
went & saw Daddy at the office. 

trick-or-treated around the businesses in downtown Monument
wagon riding

went to friend's house for pizza & a little more trick-or-treating

lots of fun!