Kid Quiz - Asher - 4 years old

No coaching! 
Asher's Answers:

•What is your name? Asher
•How old are you? Four
•When is your birthday? I don't remember
•How old is Mommy? I don't know, you haven't told me in a week 
•What is your favorite color? Blue
•What is your favorite food? Blueberries
What's your favorite thing to do? Playing inside
•Who is your best friend? Luke & Micah & Jackson & Maddox & my cousins❤️
•What is your favorite TV show? Batman 
•What is your favorite movie? Batman
•What is your favorite song? Gummi Gummi Gummi Bear
•What is your favorite animal? Wolves
•What are you scared of? Spiders
•What makes you happy? I don't know. 
•Where is your favorite place to go? To the zoo where the wolves cages are
•What do you want to be when you grow up? a fireman 
•What is Mommy's favorite thing to do?  I don't know 
•What is Mommy's favorite color? Purple
•What does love mean? Love Others!

Kid Quiz - Joshua - 6 years old

A no coaching, no input quiz --- Exactly as Joshua answers:

•What is your name? Josh
•How old are you? 6
•When is your birthday? November 1st
•How old is Mommy? Um, I don't know
•What is your favorite color? Red
•What is your favorite food? Pizzaaa!
What's your favorite thing to do? Go golfing with Dad
•Who is your best friend? Maddox, no not Maddox- Jackson❤️
•What is your favorite TV show? Star Wars
•What is your favorite movie? The Star Wars movie (that he's never seen)
•What is your favorite song? Well it might be two things - actually three - "I'm a little unsteady" "Glorious" and then "Once I was 7 years old" 
•What is your favorite animal? Tiger - ALL of the predators, but my favorite it the Tiger
•What are you scared of? Nothing
•What makes you happy? Golfing
•Where is your favorite place to go? Golf
•What do you want to be when you grow up? A Zoo Keeper
•What is Mommy's favorite thing to do? Go Shopping? 
•What is Mommy's favorite color? Orange
•What does love mean? Um love means that somebody loves us. 

Brooks George: 5 months


You. Have. The. Best. Smile.

You love to laugh. You rarely cry.

Your big blue eyes are AMAZING.

You suck on your fingers all the time.

You've rolled over tummy-to-back and back-to-tummy one time each.

You have started babbling.

You usually have a mouth full of spit bubbles.

You think tv is really interesting.

You love laughing with your siblings.

You still do not like bottles.
This month... we celebrated the 4th of July. We even went to Palmer Lake and stayed up for fireworks. I was a little nervous about the noise so I nursed you at the beginning but then you just watched in awe. You joined Kma & I on a crazy little adventure to bring Gram home from Montrose. You were such a blessing during those crazy 24 hours & even slept 4 hours straight on the way home. I was amazed and thanking God. 

 You are still in 3-6 month clothes. Size 3 diapers. Not really sitting up on your own, but very strong. In all honesty, your schedule is not usually the same each day. But this week... You wake up around 7am, nurse, hang out with Daddy while he reads his bible & Mommy cleans up. 8am nap. Nurse around 10am & then if we have any simple activities/errands for the day we will do them. Sleep maybe from 12-1pm. Nurse, sit with momma while she works. Nap from 2-4:30ish. Nurse. Hang out while Mom makes dinner or we have plans for the evening. Nurse to sleep around 7pm. Dream Feed at 10:30pm. Sleep through the night. 

You are such a blessing. 5 months has gone by quickly but February seems likes it was ions ago. Thank you for being such a GOOD baby. 

we love you more & more every day! 
love, your momma & daddy 

Brooks George: 4 months

Brooks George, 
Happy Four Months! We had a very exciting month as we took a family road trip to Tennessee to visit the Krause's! You were literally an angel baby. We left at 2am and drove almost 20 hours straight through to Spring Hill, TN. We stopped four times! During each stop I would feed you while Daddy got gas, took Kennedy & the boys to the bathroom, and let everyone stretch their legs. Then I would go the bathroom while you got your diaper changed and stretched. Then back on the road! Once we got to Tennessee you slept when you were supposed to sleep and smiled and were so sweet. Ella was particularly infatuated with you. It was so wonderful to spend all the time with our very favorites!

One the way home we stopped in Arkansas and Oklahoma. You literally could not have been a better baby. And everyone just LOVED you to pieces. 

We attended two weddings this month & celebrated your brother, Asher's 4th birthday.
 Your giggle is just the best thing ever. Your big blue eyes are my favorite. 
 You are so sweet & so darn cute! 

we love you more & more every day! 
love, your momma & daddy 

Brooks George: 3 Months

Brooksie Boy, 

Happy 3 months! We celebrated your first holiday this month - Easter. You became a champ at sleeping through the night. {7:30pm-7am w/ a 10:30 dream feed}. You are so smily & you just starting laughing. I pretty much spend every minute of your waking day trying to get you to smile. It's just my favorite. You really want to suck your fingers but can't quite figure it out.  Your big blue eyes are absolutely dreamy. You refuse to take a bottle so we're working on that but man, you're wonderful!

You love... watching your brothers & sister, hanging out in the Moby, taking baths, being tickled, sleeping wrapped up tight in the swaddler, being quiet & content. 

You dislike... bottles... and that's about it. You really are the best baby! 

We went on your first trip - over the mountains & through the woods to see Gram. It was so wonderful. You, of course, loved Gram! And even fell asleep in her arms. We went to celebrate Gram's 99th birthday! It was a short trip but great nonetheless.

Brooks, you are such a wonderful baby! Every day I just thank God for His great mercy in giving us YOU. It is such a joy to be your momma. 

we love you more & more every day! 
love, your momma & daddy 

Brooks George: 2 months

Hey Brooksie Boy, 
Two months old & we are smitten as ever! You are really such a great baby. You don't fuss often. You sleep well in the carseat when we are out and you sleep well in your bed when we are home. You have an awesome receding hair line. Your gummy smiles are about the best thing I've ever seen and every moment I have while you are awake I smile and talk like a crazy person trying to see those wonderful smiles. You've had a cold the past week or so, nothing crazy but lots of mucus which has resulted in lots of gagging & spitting up- not so fun. But no fevers and the doctor confirmed your lungs are clear. 

Our schedule usually looks something like this: 
8am: Wake up & Nurse 
8:45-10:30am: Nap #1
10:30: Nurse (then go pick up Josh from school) 
11:15-1pm: Nap #2

1pm: (put siblings down for rest) Nurse
2-4pm: Nap #3
4pm: Nurse
Help mom make dinner, hang out, nap in the swing, whatever the day brings :)
7pm: Nurse then sleep
10:30: Dream Feed
11pm-5isham: Sleep {Hallelujah!}
Nurse then back to bed till 8am
Start the day all over again!
Yay for eating & sleeping!

This month we eased back into "real life." Scheduling, small group, going into work, just all sorts of life. In all honestly, it has gone much smoother than I thought it would. I think we all just do what have to do- everybody has to eat, everybody has to sleep, mommy & daddy have work, joshie has school, there is church and family and friends- somehow it all gets done. Most days I'm exhausted but so very thankful. You bring us so much joy & we are so thankful you have joined this crazy life of ours!

2 Months Stats: 
Height- 23.75in, 34%
Weight- 10.10lbs, 11%
Clothes- Growing out of Newborn
Diapers- Size 1 

we love you more & more everyday! 
your momma & daddy

Kennedy Maren: 2 years

Kennedy Maren, 

Happy 2nd Birthday! 
My baby girl you are getting so big and we love you so much! 

At two years old some of your favorites include: 
your bunny 
Minnie Mouse
Paw Patrol 
your brother Joshua
being with your momma all the time 
breakfast foods 
reading ALLLLLL the books
doing everything your brothers are doing 
listening to "your song" on my phone - Say the Word by Hillsong United
your boots (really all shoes) 
laughing with your Kma
pretend talking on the phone to your Opa
reading with your Grandma Mary & Grandpa George
friends- Ruthie, Audra & Grace

Girl, you make us laugh all day. You have the deepest little voice. The way you say "yeaaaaa" and "no" are pretty much my favorite. You are slow to wake up and most days take about a 2 hour nap. Your hair is so cute & curly. You don't have a problem getting it done every day. If your brothers are jumping, you are jumping. If you brothers are wrestling, you are wrestling. You are very tough and are learning how to speak up for yourself. You are extremely opinionated and have a pretty strong will. You know what you want and you have learned to cry or repeat yourself until you get what you want. You love babies and are pretty smitten with your brother. I was a little concerned as to how you would react to his addition to our family, but for the most part, as long as you can be close to me you are happy. You often sit on my lap while I nurse and always close for diaper changes and getting Brooks out of his bed. We call you Baby (Brooks is "New Baby" or "Baby Brooks"), Sissy, and Kennedy Girl. 
You also pretty much potty trained yourself at 21 months old. One day you started grabbing at your diaper, the next day you were grabbing at your diaper and saying "no, no, no" so I asked you if you wanted to go to the bathroom. You ran upstairs and pooped on the froggy potty. For the month of December were just wore underwear at home and by the first of the year you were wearing undies 100% of the time, even during nap time. We still have some accidents when we forget to take you or if you get to distracted to sit, but I would definitely say you potty training yourself before the baby came was a big blessing! 

2 year old Stats: 
Height- 31 inches, 98%
Weight- 29.3lbs, 83%
Clothing- Growing into 4t 

Kennedy, we love you girl! We love your opinions, smile and laughter. We love the way your love your bunny, blankie, kitty and puppy when you sleep. We love your passionate pursuit of what you want and the way you love your brothers and friends. We are certain you will do great things one day. 
We pray that smile continues to light up every room you walk in and that you never lose your zest for  life. We are so incredibly thankful you are our daughter! 
We love you more & more every day! 
your momma & daddy