Baby #3 will making his or her debut in March of 2015!!! 
 This one is our big surprise! But we are so very excited! 

A little Q&A: 

Q: When did you find out you were pregnant?
A: We officially found out on July 18, 2014 (our 5th anniversary!)

Q: Was Manny there? or How did you tell Manny?
A: I had taken 2 negative tests (which he knew about it), still hadn't started so when we got home from a conference for my work and he returned to work I took a test as soon as I could --- POSITIVE! I was extremely shocked & called him right away so he could help me through some of the shock. He, on the other hand, was not so shocked… 

Q: What were your first reactions?
A: (see previous question) shock!

Q: What are you feeling now?
A: mostly, just feeling sick. not as shocked. not quite sure how we will manage three… 

Q: How far along are you?
A: 13 weeks

Q: When is your due date?
A: March 20, 2015

Q: Are you showing yet?
A: not really. i've lost a considerable amount of weight (the whole don't eat & then throw up does that) so that doesn't really help the "showing" thing. just feeling a little pudgy around the middle.

Q: How have you been feeling (sickness wise)?
A: started the morning sickness around 7 weeks. most of the time I throw up (nothing) first thing in the morning and don't eat until I finally find my appetite around dinner time. the morning sickness is no where near as bad as it was with Asher, but it's pretty much really difficult to chase two toddlers around while feeling awful… I have had respites of 2-3 days of feeling good and then 4-5 days of feeling bad again, so that is much different than any other morning sickness I've had. it's very hard being sick like this (on everyone), but we just trying to get through one day at a time. 

Q: What other symptoms have you experienced?
A: definitely exhaustion. my hair keeps falling out. 

Q: Any strange food cravings?
A: nothing strange, but lemonade, sour candy, and salty popcorn. 

Q: Any gender preference or predictions?
A: everyone is thinking girl… 

Q: Will you find out?

that's what has been happening thus far with Baby #3!