2014 in review {favorite pictures}

taking a look back over 2014. 
here are my favorite pictures. one for each month.

my sweet boys 

our "happy, blessing"
so much can be said for this picture & these four
joshua loves the snow! building "olaf"
vacation. so perfect.

Happy 1st Birthday Asher man!

joshua & jocelyn
5th Annual AlethiaYouth Camping Trip

how can you not love this?!?
craving our pumpkin
{3 pictures because it was way too hard to choose}
Happy 3rd Birthday Donuts for Joshua!
Welcome Home Craig!
Baby #3 is a GIRL!
At Christmas Eve Service

Asher Gray: 18 months

Asher Gray, 
Happy 1/2 Birthday! You are 18 months old! 
At 18 months old, you are a crazy, silly, into-everything, Momma's boy who loves to be held and get into trouble. You are a BIG BOY but surprisingly you are an extremely picky eater. You don't have a lot to say, but you let me know your opinion quickly. You love hanging out with your brother and take his beatings in stride. One way you get back at your brother though is by turning off his tv shows. You really don't care about shows at all and love to get at Josh by turning off the tv. You can be very stubborn and are quick to CRY and THROW A FIT when you don't get your way. You still LOVE kisses and cuddles and are VERY attached to your blankie, which you call "ke-ke." You also LOVE our fishie "No" and take time almost every day to pull a chair up over to the counter and talk to him. Some of your favorite ways to find trouble- climbing on top of the table, stand on top of the toilet and turn the faucet on, turn my work phone on, push a chair over to the counter and pull everything off, and any other sort of trouble you can think of. You love FaceTiming with Ella. You LOVE animals and are a very skilled barker. You've got an awesomely funny "cheese" face. And even though you are trouble and make me hold you A LOT, we love love love you so so so much! 

Favorite words - Daddy, fire, tree, apple, hot, Blitz, dog, Ashi, cookie, duck, nuh uh, shoe.
Favorite foods - BREAD, apples, all fruit, oatmeal, yogurt.
Favorite activities - playing with cars, being held by Momma, being with animals, color, hiding in the closet. 

18 Month Stats: 
Weight - 30.2 lbs - 98%
Height - 35.5 in - 100%
Head Circ - 19.5 in - 95%

Ashi man, I'm not going to lie, right now you are tough but o-so lovable. I spend most of my days chasing you around or holding you and sometimes it's extremely tiring. Thankfully, you sleep like a champion, usually 12 hours at night and a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. I love watching you and your brother play together and can't wait to see your relationship continue to grow. You make us laugh all the time.

We are so very thankful for you, Asher Gray, our "happy, blessing."
I can't wait to hear more of what you have to say and continue to watch you grow. 

We love you more than you will ever know! 
Love, your Momma