Brooks George: 3 Months

Brooksie Boy, 

Happy 3 months! We celebrated your first holiday this month - Easter. You became a champ at sleeping through the night. {7:30pm-7am w/ a 10:30 dream feed}. You are so smily & you just starting laughing. I pretty much spend every minute of your waking day trying to get you to smile. It's just my favorite. You really want to suck your fingers but can't quite figure it out.  Your big blue eyes are absolutely dreamy. You refuse to take a bottle so we're working on that but man, you're wonderful!

You love... watching your brothers & sister, hanging out in the Moby, taking baths, being tickled, sleeping wrapped up tight in the swaddler, being quiet & content. 

You dislike... bottles... and that's about it. You really are the best baby! 

We went on your first trip - over the mountains & through the woods to see Gram. It was so wonderful. You, of course, loved Gram! And even fell asleep in her arms. We went to celebrate Gram's 99th birthday! It was a short trip but great nonetheless.

Brooks, you are such a wonderful baby! Every day I just thank God for His great mercy in giving us YOU. It is such a joy to be your momma. 

we love you more & more every day! 
love, your momma & daddy