Tuesday Thoughts

so we're going to go for the whole random Tuesday Thoughts thing today...

It's unbelievable how quickly summer is filling up... Calculated yesterday- we really only have 2 free weekends left {in June}. camping please.

I'm glad see & feel that summer is pretty much here.

My flip flop tan is starting to reappear. this makes me one very happy girl.

18 weeks pregnant... I have a new sport- speed walking. I've decided to give up on the whole running thing... I'm miserable every time I've tried since my race {ok, that may have only been twice but still} and what's the point of being miserable. I'm pregnant!

Yesterday I had a new first- Manny had to pull the car over {twice} so I could throw up! Yahoo.

I did the best necklace this weekend {I think it might deserve it's own post}

Colorado Springs has officially been renamed {by me} the Windy City.

Tomorrow I might have jury duty... Should be interesting.

My brother turned 15 this weekend. That makes me happy, sad, and want to cry happy-sad-proud all at the same time!

I watched Shutter Island with my sister this weekend and was sure I would have the worst nightmares. And not one came- THANK YOU JESUS.

Pretty much all I think about is crafting lately. I wish I had more money & I wish I had more time. {Isn't that everyone's problem...?}

This week in church we sang a song that said "prostitute" multiple times. I love our church. And the book of Hosea. And the truth that comes from it.

I'm very tired and have quite a bit of homework to do before midnight. Ugh.

I should get to work. I will. Eventually.
{and if I was really full of energy or something I would make this post look cool but since I'm not I won't}

It was a Beautiful Day!

My favorite U2 song! Ang we got to see it LIVE at Invesco Field in Denver on Saturday. We went with Mandy, Michael & two of their friends. We went to a nice dinner at La Sandia, a modern Mexican place- so good. And then effortlessly made our way to the field/stadium. The Fray opened- so great! We waited for a while... And then U2!!! Goodness it was so good! So blessed to enjoy a great show with great friends on a great night!

Here is "the Claw" -biggest stage thing currently in use-Us :)So fun to share such a great night with such great friends! Such a cool picture!
Bono! Can you see him?!?!Yes, that is the screen! Crazy!Only in the Colorado sky...More awesome pictures!

Tuesday Thoughts

I've been kinda slacking in this blogging thing lately. But have some fun things to post about...soon.

It is 9am and so dark because of the rain clouds you would think it was 9pm. But Jackson has a flashlight & it's the best toy ever!

I'm going a little stir crazy... Stuck inside this house with a toddler who doesn't talk... Day after rainy day after cold day after day. summer please get here soon!

I can't believe I'm 17 weeks pregnant! I've been feeling pretty good. I still eat quite a bit of cheese. And every time I go to the grocery store anything Pillsbury in a can that pops sounds delicious! I'm barely showing. boo. I'm still quite exhausted and try to nap every day while Jackson does. Think I'm starting to experience that whole running/clogged nose all the time thing. And really, I can't wait until June 7th -just 2 weeks till we find out the sex!

Now there is so much hail on the ground it looks like it's been snowing...

Really looking forward to our Tahoe trip!

I'm realizing more and more every day that God is in control of everything and there really is little reason to make plans... Ha.

Finished reading Redeeming Love on Sunday. Goodness. I love that book. And our book club has been great!

time for some gift list:
304. tuna melts for lunch
305. rain & moisture for the parched land
306. looking forward to days off with my husband
307. warm socks & comfy sweatshirts
308. a nice man to stop in the middle of the night and help us
309. excitement for what is yet to come
310. a friend to start a new adventure with
311. creative ideas
312. hope for more time and money to be creative...
313. jackson & his whisk
314. flashlight on a dark and stormy morning
315. great Fernihough boys who always have something to say and always make me laugh
316. a friend to do "big things" with. and small things too!
317. June 7th. get here sooner please.

the machine of sewing {2}

my sister walked in..."What are you doing?"
"Trying to learn how to sew..." as I am hunched over my computer watching, reading, and exploring different tutorials and ideas.

Well, after my first day sewing I've been trying my hardest to learn more, do more, and be better with this little machine.

I spent a good hour at work Monday researching how to make a pillow case dress. Monday night: I made one! {seriously slacking in the taking pictures area} But it was super cute, pretty easy, and totally free!
That night I also worked on sewing ribbon onto ribbon. Talk about needing to figure out how to sew straight...

Today, I've researching cording/piping, how to sew pillows, and found a few projects that could be fun...

All in all, I'm pretty darn excited about this sewing thing. Right now frugality seems to be the key, because it seems so easy to spend tons of $$$$ or very little... I'm working on the very little. Maybe next week sometime I'll have some projects to show... For now, I think I might go sew a pillow...

Tuesday Thoughts

only have 1 thought...
I only have iphone pics as of now...

Before: After: Do I look like I'm going to die here? Well, I thought I might.
Mandy finished in 2:15:17 & I finished in 2:56:16
A new PERSONAL RECORD for both of us!
I'll post more pictures and details when I get them :)

Tomorrow is the day...

I will run my 2nd half-marathon.

I will run slow and safely...

I will meet my running partner at the finish line.

Sound like a good plan.

Thanks Mandy Fernihough for sticking this out with me & being the best running partner EVER.
It's going to be great!

the machine of sewing

thought 1: yahoo!!! I finally ordered a sewing machine!!! {I've been wanting one since like December} day1

thought 2: yea! It came in the mail! I love getting stuff in the mail! day4

thought 3: o.my.goodness. OVERWHELMED. day5~when I finally look at box thought 4: just keep walking by and wondering if you'll ever open it.

thought 5: you better open it. you have nothing better to do. day8 thought 6: I seriously have no idea what any of this means...

thought 7: good thing there is an instructional DVD!!!!!

thought 8: play DVD.pause.play.pause.play.rewind.pause.rewind.pause.play.pause.rewind.
thought 9: whoa! look what I just did! {random stiches & button hole, pouch/pillow, coin purse of sorts}
thought 10: I need a break...

thought 11: But this looks fun... and this... and this...

until I sew again...

What She Taught Me

This Mother's Day is a little different for me... I am 25 weeks from being a mother myself... It sounds too strange. And I've been thinking... How in the world am I going to raise a child? Teach a child? Yes, teaching... A mother does this more than any other profession. My mother taught me everything. Literally. And as I question what is ahead in my life and how I will teach this child of mine, I think the only thing I can do it be thankful for what she taught me. And do my best to teach this child of mine just the same...

She taught me to care.
She taught me to laugh, loud.
She taught me to bathe.
And do my hair.
She taught me to decorate.
And care for a home.
She taught me to love.
She taught me to sing aloud.
She taught me the importance of good music.
And to love whatever music you love.
She taught me to read.
She taught me to work hard.
She taught me to listen.
She taught me to look for the best deal.
And to still spend on some important things. like hair.
She taught me to reflect.
She taught me to try, try, try again.
She taught me to persevere.
She taught me to endure.
She taught me sacrifice.
She taught me to trust.
She taught me to cook.
She taught me the importance of lasting friendships.
And more importantly, family.
She taught me to forgive.
She taught me how to clean.
She taught me to be a woman of God.
She taught me what a Godly wife is.
She taught me how to drive.
And to not speed, often.
She taught me the best places to shop.
She taught me to eat healthy.
And enjoy good food.
even if it is unhealthy.
She taught me more things than I can ever list.
And I'm sure she's going to me how to me a mom.
And will continue to teach for the rest of her year.

Momma, you're the best.
I love you.

Tuesday Thoughts

I'm really excited about the "book club" I'm going to be a part of it. It is starting this Saturday and we are reading Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. I've read the book more times than I can remember, but as we read it our church will be studying Hosea. I can't wait to dive into God's Word and then see it written so powerfully fictionally in a book.
The first time I ever read the book I listened to this song... Maybe it's in my head but I think the story, book, and this song fit perfectly together. And all at once make me realize how great my Father's love for me really is. And I'm brought to tears. Brought to my knees.


This weekend we also went to PROM!

It was super fun to get all dressed up, go out to a nice dinner, and then see all the high school junior and seniors in their very best!

The whole night went super great.

And not to worry, little baby made it's presence known- I came home and threw up everything I ate at After Prom :)

ABC Baby Shower

On Saturday my mom and I threw a baby shower for Kellie. Kellie's mom, Diana was probably my mom's first friend when we moved to Colorado and Kellie is only a year older than I am. We had countless sleepovers when we were young and have remained close for many years.
We were honored to be able to celebrate the coming of Kellie's first baby - a boy!
They already picked a name- Abel Jon.
We chose a theme- ABC's and had a blast putting everything together :)
I was in charge of the decor and games and Mom took care of all the food.

- Abel Jon banner
- Congrats banner
- X Y Z vases
- wooden abc blocks (took them from Jackson)
- diaper cake
- F is for food, D is for drinks, K is for Kellie cards

- Favors: Personally Monogrammed Blank Cards

- Baby Word Scramble
- Smell & Guess the Baby Food

- 3 different quiches
- Fruit salad
- Spinach salad
- Pastries
- Cranberry Punch, Coffee, Iced Tea
- Cupcakes

The pictures of my decor aren't super great, but I really did love what put together... And I think Kellie did too!

Mom, Me, Kellie & Diana