Joshua Manuel: 18 months

Happy 1/2 Birthday! You are 18 months old. 
You are smart, funny, talkative, curious, and ALL boy!
If you had it your way you would eat Your favorite foods include peas {still}, ravioli, any type of berry, cheese, and of course cookies :) You really eat well. Not only do you love cookies and ice cream {especially from Kma or Opa} but you love green beans, broccoli, and will eat everything that we eat. The only thing you don't like is "slimy" food, such as avocado, melons, etc. Some weeks you like bananas, other weeks you do not. I just keep giving them to you & see how you feel. Your getting really good at using a fork & spoon! Really, you just would eat all day if I let you. 

You have lots of words, real and made up. You say dadda, momma, hi, bye, yes, yea, no, dog, brush teeth, i want this, i don't want to, please, watch, two, shoes, socks, blue, and you repeat lots of words everyday! You literally talk all day long. You tell stories and explain things all the time. Your facial expressions ans hand gestures are often hilarious and I never tire of listening to you talk your little head off. 

Our daily schedule looks a bit like this: 
7am: Wake up 
watch Sesame Street
11am: Lunch
1pm-3ish: Nap time 
{the not fun time before Daddy gets home & I'm trying to make dinner}
5ish: Dinner
7ish: Bedtime 

Your favorite activities include going bye-bye, watching the Lorax, playing with any ball, reading, digging in the dirt, being outside, going down the slide at the park, making a mess, playing with Jocelyn, cleaning, dancing, and singing. 
You are strongly attached to your blankies, yes there are 3 of them... When winter came I let you sleep with your lovie blankie {that I made you} and two of your bigger "stroller type" blankets, and... you got very attached! Now you love all three. But momma's rule- blankies stay in bed :) 

Joshie, my Joshie, I love you my Joshie. You are fun & opinionated. You keep us on our toes and make us laugh ALL.THE.TIME. We are constantly in awe of how funny, smart, and talkative you are. You are friendly and sweet, but not very cuddly. You are the most wonderful boy we could ever ask for and we are beyond thankful for you! 

we love you more and more everyday,
your momma & daddy