an incredible blessing

as of Friday, October 21st I am unemployed. I had so say "see you later" {for a while} to the kid that made me laugh, made me want to pull my hair out, and taught me so much.
in preparation for the coming of my own little boy I had so say goodbye to the little boy I've taken care of for the past 2 years.
I met Jack & Indy when Indy was still pregnant. They were looking for a nanny come November when her maternity leave was up & I was looking for a job come November when volleyball ended. After a little misunderstanding as to what Starbucks we would be meeting at... We had a great interview and they ended up hiring me! I was so thrilled. I met Jackson about a week before my official start date & he was just about the cutest baby I'd ever seen.
Once I started I knew I had about the best "job" EVER.
He took great naps, rarely was fussy, and always helped me with my homework. We would take walks, watch HGTV & Sprout, play, eat, and sleep. Couldn't be a better job.
It's crazy to think about how small he was when I started & where is now.

He runs, he screams, he laughs, he is sneaky, mischievous, he thinks the "toys" in the kitchen drawers/cabinets are better than any toy in his toy box... he's a dare devil- afraid of nothing, he doesn't say to much- but i almost always understand, he loves his dog...he is stubborn and very strong, he laughs every time i hurt myself, he's got mad coloring skills, he knows what he wants, he loves to snack... going "bye-bye" is the best, he's always up for a drive to the library, park, YMCA for a swim, wal-mart or king soopers... he loves being outside, he loves cars, he gives the best hugs & kisses to me and the baby :)in short, he's the best 2 year old I know. I seriously love this kid so much. I can't imagine what life is going to be like without seeing him nearly everyday. It was so hard saying goodbye. Even though I know I'll see him again... seriously how could you not love this face?!?
This "job" has been an incredible blessing. This family has been an incredible blessing. I am forever grateful for the time I spent with Jackson- all the love & tears & lessons. I will be a better mom because of him.
What an incredible blessing.

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