what a difference 1 year makes...

it started at prom this year. 
i just couldn't stop thinking about how last year at prom i had a little baby bump, was pretty exhausted, had a pretty queasy stomach, but was starving... and then eventually threw up everything i ate at after prom. haha.
it's so funny to think of the huge difference between last year and this year. 
last year we were living with my parents. i was working full time with jackson. 
i was sick all the time from that baby in my belly. 
we were so full of joy and anticipation. 
just wondering what in the world our baby would be, look like, sound like, smell like. 
how it would change us. change our lives. 

and now he's here. 
at prom this year, my sister graciously babysat and we enjoyed a night out. 
no sickness (thank goodness). probably just as tired. 
but i left early to get home and sneak into joshua's room to give him kiss. 
this year our lives our still just as busy and full...
 but we have this baby to make us laugh, hold so tight, and love. 
what a difference 1 year can make...

another last year/ this year picture of us at manny's triathalon. 

so as this year continues i just keep thinking of where we were exactly one year ago. 
and were we are today.
so thankful for where we've been and what we now hold...


time to blog is limited... here's a little snapshot into life around here lately in the form of "currently" 


{i don't know why but i love this picture}
{my little peanut}

Loving: the lyrics to this song. it pretty much perfectly describes my heart right now. my cry. my praise. to Him. 

I need you to soften my heart
To break me apart
I need you to open my eyes
To see that You’re shaping my life

All I am, I surrender
Give me faith to trust what you say
That you’re good and your love is great
I’m broken inside, I give you my life
I need you to soften my heart
To break me apart
I need you pierce through the dark
And cleanse every part of me
I may be weak
But your Spirit’s strong in me
My flesh may fail
My God you never will

Thinking About: how i really need to vacuum tomorrow. joshua pretty crawls everywhere. gets into everything. today i picked him up after he had followed me into the kitchen and his shirt was covered crumbs. YUCK. bad mom of the year over here.  

Anticipating: going to my great-gram this weekend! manny, my mom, joshua & i will be going over the river and through the woods to see seriously one of favorite people in the whole world. sometime i'll tell you more about my gram. 

Listening To: GIVE ME FAITH

Eating: trying my hardest NOT to eat this giant bag of chocolate that was left over from our bike ride this weekend... so tempting. so good. 

Wishing: joshua would not wake up at 5/6am... he has been sleeping 8:30pm-7:00am for many months. until recently. he'll just start crying.then.screaming. and i just get up and feed him. he's so sleepy. sleeps through the whole feed & then sleeps till i finally wake him at 8. so i put a giant sheet over his window. hoping it's the sun that has been waking him up & he'll sleep till normal wake up time. otherwise, i just don't know. {really, i can't complain, he's such a good sleeper}

that's all i've got for today. adios.  

Boulder Sunrise Year 2

last friday we loaded up the car... and head up to boulder for Manny's first triathlon of the year.
Boulder Sunrise.
this was the second year in a row that he's done this tri. read about last year's here.
he did an olympic. twice the distance as the one he did last year.
so proud of you babe!

1500 meters in boulder reservoir 

26.4 miles



my husband is a stud

happy birthday johnny!

i can't believe you are 16 years old. 
you really are the best baby brother. 
you are the greatest uncle. 
we love you so much.

dinner at the Wynkoop. yum.

it makes me very happy that you and manny are such good friends. 
joshua loves you. ok really, he's just completely mesmerized by you :)

my 3 favorite guys in the whole wide world. 


hope you had a great birthday :)

Joshua Manuel: 7 months

my o my, 7 months old.
you are growing and changing and learning and moving.
you are eating and pooping and sleeping and laughing and smiling.
you are friendly and happy.
you are so sweet. 
i love you more than you will ever know.

i would say the big story from this month ===> solid food!
you've been eating... sweet potatoes, avocado, peas & carrots, banana, applesauce, and rice cereal.
you really like avocado & peas :)
sometimes i let you feed yourself & make a mess. but more often i just feed you so that it's a bit easier on the cleanup.
ps. you HATE having your face wiped off. 
pss. i've found making your food pretty simple thus far :)

the other big story this month ===> crawling! 
it's still mostly an army crawl but you can get anywhere you want. and quickly. 
sometimes you get tired though and roll onto your back. 
i love seeing what intrigues you and what you crawl to find. 
i don't so much love having to vacuum more often, pick up more often, and check on you more often. 

this month you also got your second major sickness ===>
i thought you were just teething... cranky, not sleeping well, low fever. 
but after 4 days there were no teeth & you were just as miserable. 
so we took you to the doctor... double ear infection :(
i was sad you were sick, but so glad we figured out what it was and praised Jesus for modern medicine to make you feel better!
you're still taking meds now, but feeling much better! yahoo!

i just love that smile

we got into a pretty great schedule (minus the sickness times). wake up- between 7:00 and 7:30am
*nurse & eat rice cereal w/ apple or banana
nap- 9am-11am
*nurse & eat lunch
nap- 1:00-3pm
cat nap- 5pm-6pm
*nurse & eat dinner
***get ready for bed
night night- between 8:00 and 8:30pm
*sleep through the night!

and even though we try to stick to this schedule our lives are pretty crazy and you always adapt.
you're pro at falling asleep in your car seat. i just praise God for that everyday because it allows mommy and daddy to do a lot and not worry about you too much. you make driving anywhere pretty easy as you most of the time fall asleep. you've gotten extremely distracted when nursing and it sometimes gets very frustrating for me, but i'm trying to remember it's what is best for you & to be patient :)
trying on uncle johnny's football helmet

you are such a thinker!
and you get the cutest face when you do it :)

weight: 16.2 lbs
diapers: size 3
clothes: large 3-6mo or smaller 6-9mo
 teeth: none

my joshie, my joshie. i love you, my joshie. 
everyday you make me laugh and fill my heart. 
we are so thankful for you.
we love you more and more everyday!
love always, 
your momma & daddy


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the sweetest/funniest 4 year old girl we know!
Isabella, we love you. and joshie loves you more. 
you have the sweetest heart and make us laugh like no other!
we are so blessed that you call us auntie and uncle. 
we love you forever sweet princess!

HAPPY GRADUATION to Miss Sarah Bear! and Brianne!
we are so proud of you! you seriously are one of my favorite people in the world. 
i know you are going to do so great at school. 
keep loving Jesus with everything you've got!
Brianne, so fun to see you and your fam! 
can't wait for Joshie to meet Luke! 

so blessed by your new friendship!  
so glad we could celebrate with you guys!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our sweet nephew Lincoln!
what a fun birthday party for a 3 year old! 
knights, dragons, swords, castles, and all the right time period language!
Lincoln, it's so great to see you growing and learning!
you are seriously one of the smartest 3 year old's out there 
it was a great birthday party & time spent with family!

you're my favorite brother ever. 
{you'll get your own blog post, when i have time :)}

whew. that's a lot of parties. 
i could say i'm tired and it wore me out {it did}
but more importantly i'm just blessed by our friends and families!
{if i was really on top of it, i'd have pictures. but i'm not. maybe one day}