no easy decision...

early this morning i read "photo albums are dead to us" ah. harsh.
but then i got to thinking...
yes, i love scrapbooking. but it is very time-consuming and rather expensive...
i really enjoy the clean look of the photo book.
but scrapbooking is my hobby, my outlet.
you can always gets a photo book half-off.
i've been doing a lot of other crafty things lately, putting my scrapbooking last on the list.
photo books are small, compact, and easier to look at.
i feel like i waste a lot when scrapbooking; extra printed pictures. letters such as q-z-x. paper. stickers. etc.
putting together a photo book is still fun.
as i strive to create a scrapbook for every year of our life, i only get more and more behind.
so the more i think about it. the more i think.
scrapbooking in my life is over for now. enter the photo book.

i will still be able to do the paper crafts i love via cards, etc. i won't waste or spend half as much. i'll {semi} quickly create a photo book online using probably snapfish and then wait till a half off deal comes to purchase it. yea, i think that sounds good for my life.

{i am completely aware how insane this post might sound... but seriously, for me this was no easy decision}

Tuesday Thoughts

so have you heard of pinterest? well, if you haven't it is this great little website where you can easily "pin" every sort of picture, recipe, idea, craft to-do, etc into one place with the link attached right to it. purely genius if you ask me. my favorites bar was getting a little too crowded and difficult maneuver.
so i've been pinning away. all sorts of great things for this baby boy's room, for my dream house, and plenty of crafts i would love to do. Sherry over at YoungHouseLove and a couple other ladies are doing a "pinterest challenge." i couldn't listen to the instructional video because my comp's speakers don't work. but i think i get the gist of it- once a month actually create something you have pinned. i think i can do that. sounds like fun. now what to create???

in other news. 26 weeks pregnant. wow. less than 100 days to go. {97}. english hothouse cucumber size. ha!

hoping to go camping.

ikea opens tomorrow. yahoo. hopefully will get up there with some $$$ soon :)

currently reading~ spiritual parenting.

our baby's hearing is really starting to develop. Manny talked with him quite a bit last night. so unbelievably sweet. {i don't want to ever forget that.}

yesterday i ate. and ate. and ate. today i'm trying to better :) but, man i love tuna melts!

jackson is going through a phase= crying is more fun than... anything else. um, no thank you. and i'm not going to give you everything you want. so let the crying continue.

i still don't understand spacing on this stupid blog. and i'd still really love a new blog design. help, anyone? i'll pay you in crafts or cookies...

ok. i'm out of here.

be still

too many thoughts...
and all I need to do is...

it's amazing how a little time in the Word, sitting the early morning sunlight will be the truth I need to remember in the late afternoon heat.


there are so many things to think about.
this growing up thing is hard.
so is this baby on the way deal.
there are so many options. so many ideas swirling around in this head of mine.
so much to worry about.
but that is no what I am called to do.
His commands are simple. His commands are true.

well that was a bust...

right before Tahoe I started seeing some signs around Black Forest talking about a Farmer's Market
I called. Spot was only $30.
I thought it would be a great opportunity for Kaci & I to start "selling" all these crafts we've been creating...

We stayed up late and finished up projects.
We showed up at 7:45am.
We set up.
{at least our booth looked cute}

and then we sat...
said hi. ate tootsie rolls. were thankful for our supportive husbands, family members, and friends. talked to Pedro selling tameles next door. talked. talked about being pregnant!. and sat. and then packed up to go home.
we didn't sell one stinking thing.
welp. certainly the wrong market/demographic/everything.
but it was good practice. we have tons of stuff left.
we're going to a real craft fair in october. hopefully that will go much better.
{and if it doesn't we'll never speak of this ever again}
but here's some close-ups of our stuff:
Kaci's yarn wreaths

my cake stands & Kaci's framed word art and frame wreaths

Kaci's twine wreaths, my monogrammed cards, and button art

and my fabric flower hair clips & a hair clip holder (not pictured)

so that's it. not such a great way to spend a Saturday. but you live and learn.
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morning at the ZOO with two of my very favorites

last week Jackson & I went to the ZOO. we dragged Johnny along :)
I couldn't imagine a better morning at one of my favorite places with two of my favorite people!

{it was a little warm}

Johnny saw his favorite, the tiger up close & personal. {the tiger was pissed about something.}

He's going to be the best uncle :)

the bears were awesome & playing the water right in front of us

doing some exploring...

right before we left {after Jackson's tantrum}

a great morning :) ended our trip with chik-fil-a. happiness all around.
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so i did this great bible study. with some great friends. we read through a great book. and learned the value of gifts... and a few months later. i've stopped thinking about gifts. i'm easily overwhelmed and frustrated. i'm forgetting to notice all these gifts. gifts that come straight from my Heavenly Father. so back numbering my gifts....

jackson as a seal.
a relaxing day by the pool-
the pool she never thought she'd be at.
finally finding a good spray paint
this baby in my belly.
yogurt covered raisins.
lotion for my dry skin.
communication throughout the day through a simple plastic box
rainbows {the shoes}
rainbow tan lines
"like parched land, my soul thirsts for You."
gifts 318-332

Tuesday Thoughts

yesterday was so hot. i don't even understand how it got so hot inside this house. i put jackson to sleep naked {except a diaper}. because i was so hot. i'm convinced this baby inside me was very hot as well. kept kicking me. a lot. seriously we were so hot.

my mind is spinning. i want so much for myself. i want to glorify God with every moment of my life. i want to be more. do more. live more. FOR CHRIST. i want all this, yet i don't do anything about it. i fail. i don't understand. {i mean, i do- yes, we're sinners living in a fallen world} but i feel like i'm just stubborn and dumb. i look around and see these women of God, full-heartedly chasing after their Savior with all that they are. and here i am, sitting, wishing i was in such great pursuit. and it makes no sense that i sit here and complain. that i let these thoughts stir in my head. sending me into a depression of sorts. and yet i do nothing. it makes not sense. i need help. and i think i need the help of someone else.

BUT that's not what i need. I NEED CHRIST. i need to rely on Him. not on my own selfish-lazy-dumb self. yes, it's overwhelming. but through Him, all things are possible.

too many thoughts for this tuesday...

2 perfect years

2 years ago I married my love. It was a perfect day. It's been a perfect two years.
look at this handsome man. goodness, I LOVE HIM.

walking down the aisle to meet my husband.

those who stood by our side. so thankful for them.

our incredible ceremony.

yahoo! we're married!

we're all really excited!

so that was our wedding. the reception was perfect too. goodness, we've done a lot in two years...

we've gone to disneyworld
traveled to new york, california, tahoe,
and soon san fransisco for an anniversary/ babymoon trip! {can't wait}
we went on the craziest bike ride of my life for our one year anniversary.
we've graduated college. and i started my masters.
we made it through an entire, miserable volleyball season.
we moved.
we left a steady job to help start a church.
we've left other jobs & started new ones.
we've had cars break down, have borrowed cars, and even bought 3 cars!
we got active & cheered each other on in half-marathons & triathlons.
we got pregnant!
we've trusted the Lord every step of the way.
I am so thankful for this day. for the day I promised my life to the love of my life.
Manny, you are beyond greatness. I love you too much.
I can't wait for a billion more perfect years!

{p.s. weren't we so cool on this perfect day 2 years ago?}

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Tahoe: a great vacation

so here are the rest of the pictures from this great vacation.
seriously it was fun & relaxing. we did plenty & rested plenty.

the view from our deck. awesome.

just arrived at the cool house!

celebrating Grandma Joan's birthday!

everyone hanging out.

fourth of july! fireworks over the water. we stayed up at the house to watch.

so great.

manny & the guys getting some epic bike rides in.

manny & I went on a great date.
great food on the deck overlooking the water at sunset. it.

what a perfect summer vacation.
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Tahoe: 3 perfect days at the beach

i love the beach. it is my favorite place in the world.
the tahoe beach was no different.
crystal clear water. soft, warm sand. slight waves~ a lovely sound. relaxing in the sun.
ahhh so perfect.
we rented a stand-up paddleboard & a kayak. so fun!
the water was a little chilly, but we braved the water
and we warmed in the sun.

figuring out the paddleboard

out on the water!

my mom even made it out on the board!

kayak! {wishing I had a picture of manny & I}

in the cold water.