Brooks George: 4 months

Brooks George, 
Happy Four Months! We had a very exciting month as we took a family road trip to Tennessee to visit the Krause's! You were literally an angel baby. We left at 2am and drove almost 20 hours straight through to Spring Hill, TN. We stopped four times! During each stop I would feed you while Daddy got gas, took Kennedy & the boys to the bathroom, and let everyone stretch their legs. Then I would go the bathroom while you got your diaper changed and stretched. Then back on the road! Once we got to Tennessee you slept when you were supposed to sleep and smiled and were so sweet. Ella was particularly infatuated with you. It was so wonderful to spend all the time with our very favorites!

One the way home we stopped in Arkansas and Oklahoma. You literally could not have been a better baby. And everyone just LOVED you to pieces. 

We attended two weddings this month & celebrated your brother, Asher's 4th birthday.
 Your giggle is just the best thing ever. Your big blue eyes are my favorite. 
 You are so sweet & so darn cute! 

we love you more & more every day! 
love, your momma & daddy