2013 recap

2013. this year...
manny started a new position at Church Community Builder. my sister {kari} and Craig got married. we completed the kitchen renovation. we found out baby #2 was a boy. ella was born. my sister {karla} & dan got married. we took our youth kids on a ski retreat. i lost a job. i got a new job. we served with our youth group on numerous occasions. manny and i traveled to orlando for a work trip/ babymoon. we completed our bathroom renovation. our great friend {jeremy} and koren got married. we completed our basement renovation. ASHER WAS BORN! manny took joshua on a road trip to South Dakota to be with family and celebrate the life of his Grandma Pollard. manny took AlethiaYouth to San Diego on a mission trip. my mom and I took the boys to visit Gram. we celebrated 4 years of marriage. my brother john played his senior season of football for Palmer Ridge. manny turned 27! we painted and decorated Asher's nursery. Joshua got potty trained. Joshua turned 2! manny and i took the boys to see Gram. i turned 26!
we laughed. we played. we walked hard roads. we pressed into Jesus like never before. we learned a whole lot. we stayed up late. we rocked babies to sleep. we pushed strollers. we played at the colorado beaches. we visited with family. we made our house a home. we grew. we lived the gospel. we parented and disciplined. we loved. we gave kisses and hugs. we sang. we danced. we ate. we watched two precious boys grow. we marveled at this blessed life.

a look into 2013. a favorite picture from each month.

walking to breakfast. love living here.

taking a peek at his baby brother {in my belly}
park time.
on our babymoon
a boy & his "ham"
asher gray pollard. born 6.8.2013.
caught baby grins
my joy boys.
football season
wagon rides
joshie boy is 2!

merry christmas!
life is good. God is great.
this life is beyond the greatness.

merry christmas {card}

"For a child has been born for us, a son given to us;
authority rests upon his shoulders;
and he is named Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
His authority shall grow continually,
and there shall be endless peace
for the throne of David and his kingdom.
He will establish and uphold it
with justice and with righteousness
from this time onward and forevermore."

Isaiah 9:6-7

Asher Gray: 6 months

Asher Gray, 
6 months already. It seems impossible that you have lived for half a year. But it also seems like you have been a part of this family forever. You are loved and cherished, my boy. You are sweet and cuddly. You are smiley and a pretty good sleeper. You do not like to sleep anywhere besides your crib. You are pretty ticklish. You get compliments on your cuteness daily, sometimes hourly.
Those eyes. Those cheeks. 
Who can resist? 

This month we went to visit Gram with Daddy & Joshua. 
You were such a good boy & made the trip so easy. 

You are very good at sitting up by yourself. Unlike your brother, you aren't super mobile at this point. You are happy to sit up and play, lay on your back and play for a while, be held, and then go back to sleep.

You sure do love your brother though. He is making you very tough... You often get hit, poked, accidentally knocked over, books thrown towards your head, hair pulled, sat on, and all over big toddler brother tortured... But you take it like a champ and hardly even cry.

Most of the time you sleep on your back. Every once in a while you will fall asleep on your stomach, though I believe you have figured out you just don't like that. Lately, I've seen you curled up on your side, sucking your thumb. My goodness, how are you so cute?! 

 Another holiday in the books- Thanksgiving!
We are beyond thankful for you, Asher Gray Pollard.

You also are officially the most kissable baby in the entire world! 
I have never met a baby who loves kisses more than you. 

6 month STATS- 
Weight- 19.7 lbs, 85%
Height- 29.3 in, 100%
Head Circumference- 17.5 in, 81%
Size 3 diapers
9-12 month clothes

We love you Asher Gray. Thank you for your smiles and kisses. You are such a blessing to this family. You give laughter and love like no one else! 
we love you more and more every day!
love, your momma 

life lately...

i had such great blogging plans for November... 4 posts in the first week... and then nothing.
but moving on. 

life lately... 
my Asher man is almost 6 months old. so cute & chubby & cute. 

we've been talking a lot about baby Jesus born in Bethlehem. we went to say hi to baby Jesus and his mommy Mary at the little nativity set up on the corner by our house. now every time we drive by it Joshua says "hi baby Jesus" and tells him where we are going.

as part of Joshua's birthday celebration we spent the day with Jackson and went to the zoo. SO fun! 

November proved to have lots of warm days mixed in with some cold & snow.  on the warm days we went to the park and soaked up the sun and on the cold days Joshua displayed his love for snow.
{mostly eating it} but really he loves the snow.

as winter approaches {currently it's -9 out} we spend most of our days just me and these boys cooped up in the house. there are hard days but lots of joy. there are days when i can't wait for naps but also can't wait for them to wake up so i kiss those baby Asher cheeks and hear the funny things Joshua has to say. we're figuring each other out and loving each other through it all.

december is finally here. 
we've got lights {!!!} and stockings {!!!} and i'm pretty much done with my present shopping {!!!} 

life is good. 

thankful 2013

It was Happy Thanksgiving for the Lions Loving Family!

we laughed & relaxed & ate so very well. 

playing with cousins & watching the game.

loving on grandkids.

hanging out on the floor during the meal.

and post-meal cousin park time.


over the mountains & through the snow...

to Gram's house we go!

manny, me & the boys made a quick weekend trip to see one of my favorite people in the world. 
my Gram. 

it was honestly the best trip we've had there in a while. 
joshua was awesome. 
asher did great. 
it was so wonderful to have manny there to help & be with us. 

we enjoyed everything second of just being with Gram. 

we visited and relaxed at Uncle Jerry and Aunt Sue's. 
josh loved the tractors & the chickens!

 we are so blessed. 
to know her and love her and just be with her.

we love our Gram!

we drove home {through a blizzard on Monarch pass} in the night & the boys slept the whole way.

Asher Gray: 5 months

So if this is any indication, every time I go to think or write about your 5 month post I think or write 3 months. every.single.time. I think that means you are growing up way too fast my boy!

 Asher, at 5 months old:
You learned how to roll over & how to sit up {mostly unsupported}.

You started grabbing at everything & wanting to actually hold/ play with toys.
You enjoy lots of time in your exersaucer & in the bumbo watching your brother play.

You are awake a little bit more than before, but still nap like a champ and our schedule is pretty much the same. 

You keep on growing! 
17lbs, size 3 diapers, and {growing out of} 9 month clothes.

You met some pretty cool family members this month:
{all great-} Grandpa Huntley, Uncle Dick & Tante Colleen, Tante Gretta & Uncle John

You still have some sort of cough/cold/yuck thing...
It's made for some extra cuddly days & waking up earlier than I would like but with no fever or anything else the doctor isn't concerned. So I'm trying to cut out dairy and rule out any allergy... we shall see.

You are just CUTE!
.those cheeks just kill me.

Asher, you are truly a blessing to everyone! Those cheeks and that smile are just enough to kill someone with cuteness. You are my lover boy. Cuddles, kisses, being close. You are all too wonderful at just LOVING! Go right ahead and keep that up Asher man. 
my joy boy, 
we love you more and more every day!
love, your momma