life lately

because I'm feeling like I don't want to forget {and I know I will}. because soon I will have three littles and life will be completely different. because I have so much to do {i.e. work & clean} but right now writing out this life is more important.

right now... I.AM.SO.PREGNANT. I'll be 38 weeks tomorrow. I am constantly in pain. I can hardly move. Sweeping the floor takes all the energy in my body. I wake up with terrible indigestion and heartburn almost every night. I love ice water {all the time}. I also love Costco Mac n Cheese. Tonight's craving - Birthday Cake Oreos - they were very tasty :)

On Monday we moved the boys into their "shared" room. Joshua calls it a sleepover every night and still doesn't really understand why Asher can't nap downstairs during rest time... They really have done so well. Asher giggles for a while,  Josh tells him to go to sleep. I cherish those giggles. They are waking each other up earlier than normal and everyone is pretty tired but I think that phase will pass.

Today I got Baby K's dresser full of newborn clothes - thank you Kaci Krause. One day at a time, we are getting ready for our little girl...

This stage is tough. There's no way around it. I sometimes wonder what it would be like if I wasn't this miserably uncomfortable, CRAZY pregnant lady... But I'm not. And this stage is tough.

Joshua is such a typical 1st born... Not at all like his mother. O wait. Before bed tonight we had a 15 minute conversation/fit about what pajama bottoms matched the pajama shirt he wanted to wear. And he certainly can't wear footie pajamas right now because he has to wear his Lighting McQueen slippers to bed. Earlier today, he was crying/screaming/arguing about what I'm allowed to take to the hospital for Baby K because the ladies at the hospital will take it. He's smart. He's funny. He likes to cuddle with his momma and he's sweet most of the time. And I've known this for a long time... But he's got his way and that's the only way anything works. Sometimes I get really tired of trying to reason with my three year old...

Asher is... Asher. I've never met a child like him before. He's like a tank engine zooming from one thing to another bringing destruction where ever he goes. He's like a BIG BABY. Literally a GIANT baby. He weighs 32 lbs and is growing out of 2T pajamas. But he wants to be held and cuddled and carried ALL.DAY.LONG. He loves saying MOMMA.MOMMA.MOMMA. Daddy. OPA. OPA. OPA. ELLA. ELLA. ELLA. He whines all morning for a snack and then I put him in his chair and give him one of his "favorite" foods and he refuses to eat. He would be content if I let him play at the sink with ALL the dishes and ALL silverware and ALL the water. Speaking of dishes, that little boy has broken more dishes in his 21 months of existence than I have in almost 6 years of marriage. So long Pottery Barn drinking glasses I love so much. He hides things. He loses things {like a $30 Lion King DVD from the public library}. He also loves TRACTORS and TRUCKS and CARS. He still could care less about TV. Thank the Lord he still takes a great nap, but it must be in his crib promptly at 12:30pm. And he's so cute. He's got a CHEESE face that is to die for. He's funny. And he surprises me everyday. I love that BIG baby Asher man.

Our daily schedule is about like this:
6:30-7:15am WAKE UP- Manny is usually up and getting ready for work. It used to be just Josh coming in to see us & then ready to watch a show. Now Asher has joined him and it seems like our mornings are much more AWAKE with both of them up at the exact same time.
by 8am - Daddy has left for work. I'm trying to do the dishes and clean up with kitchen or something.
around 9am - Try to have shows off & either work on a house project {more cleaning, organizing, etc} or go out {grocery shopping, play date, library, YMCA, etc}
11:15am - LUNCH
12pm - The boys usually play together really well during this time. Usually I clean the kitchen or something. Sometimes I just sit.
12:30pm - Asher goes down for his nap. Josh either gets to go play outside {in the snow} or he gets to watch his show. I try and sit down to look through work stuff.
1:30pm - Joshua goes down for "rest time." He plays in his room until his alarm goes off. 75% of the time during rest I usually sit and work or sit and work and watch TV. On Tuesdays I go work at the office from 1-5pm {Grandma Mary & Grandpa George hang out with boys} and on Fridays I work at the office from about 1-4pm {Babysitter w/boys}.
Around 3:30pm Asher wakes up and we cuddle on the couch.
3:43pm - Josh is done with rest time & usually we all watch a show or listen to Disney Radio together and wait for Daddy to come home
around 4:30-5pm Manny gets home and it's the rush to get dinner on the table.
Usually eating by 5:30pm - Dinner is a crazy, chaotic, sanctifying time for all of us...
Play, Read, Watch a Show, Bathtime, Etc.
7pm - Brush teeth, potty, pajamas, read books, prayers, sing songs, lights out and bed.
Then Manny & I usually watch our shows, work, hang out, etc.
We don't go to sleep until way too late. Usually around 11pm.
Then we sleep and wake up the next day to do it all again.

And that's our life right now. it's hard and wonderful. there is always laughter. and always tears.
I am so very thankful.
{and I could add pictures, but I'm tired. good night}