5 Generations.

I have been blessed.
I've had a mom. a grandma. and a great-gram.

Joshua now has...
a mom. a Kma. a great-Grandma Joan. and a great-great-Gram.

does it get any better than that???

5 Generations of Love, Wisdom, Happiness, and Life.

about to explode...

{bah this no internet/ 10 year old computer thing is really putting a damper on my blogging. i kind of hate that}

sometimes it is hard for me to find the right words.

i'm not very good at telling stories of explaining things in person.

i say like a lot.

stuff makes sense in my head. but not coming out of my mouth.

sometimes you would think i was thinking in spanish and speaking in english.

seriously it's that bad.

and then i look at this baby...

and then look at this man...

and i'm sure my heart is going to explode.

it might sound cheesy.

it's the only words i can find.

or maybe there are no words.

just prayers of thankfulness.

seriously. THANK YOU LORD:
for your provision.
for smiles.
and giggles.
and holding hands tight.
for laughter.
for a good night's sleep.
a happy boy.
a happy momma.
a happy daddy.
a family with TOO much love and TOO many kisses for one little boy.
for a Kma who always says the right thing.
for sunny days and walks with my boy.
for 30 days of shredding ;).
the possibility of a new year.
music in the dark.
everything we could never imagine.
all God's grace raining down on this family of three.