Tuesday Thoughts

well... i no longer have a job. that is just weird.
but i have plenty to do:
iron manny's shirts.
reupholster the glider.
hang up the ABC wall.
finish letters C.T.&U.
windex all mirrors & frames.
clean bathroom.
make dinner {don't forget to plug in the crockpot.oops}.
make a mobile.
clean/organize desk.
get knobs for sideboard.
clean car- vacuum & put in baby car seat.
keep house clean.
other stuff. i can't remember.
mostly- get ready for life with a BABY.

i can't believe it's so close. seriously can't believe it.
he can come anytime really. i think i'm ready as i'll ever be.
but he's not allowed to come friday, saturday, sunday, or monday.
reason? lions vs. broncos. manny has tickets. my cousin is flying out from california. if i'm in the hospital he can't go... manny's been looking forward to this for like years. seriously.
and i would really prefer that my boy not be born on halloween.
ok thanks so come whenever you are ready... just not oct. 28th-31st. thanks. we love you.

yea. my thoughts today. baby- when are you coming? we can't wait to meet you.

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