first world problems...

it's a hashtag. 
for real. like 4 months ago no one even knew what a #hashtag was. but now people are all about #hashtagging #this and #that. whatever is does, making people feel important. 

but #firstworldproblems is a #hashtag that has got me thinking a lot lately...

all this social media. it's often times just a sounding board for complaining, self-empathy, and "o look how important/awesome/wonderful/funny/cool I AM" 

so often i get on Facebook {which is often} and everyone is just complaining.
baby didn't sleep. 
i'm tired. 
i'm bored. 
my friends are lame. 
i didn't get _____.
this is stressful. 
and then all these "first world problems" 

stuff the majority of the world doesn't even have the option to think about! 
on wednesday, my phone screen broke. i pretty much could only call the people on speed dial. 
i was unable to do work really. i couldn't contact anyone etc. 
so i got on Facebook asking if people had an extra phone lying around. 
a sweet friend graciously dug out a phone & charger and left it in the milk box for me to pick up. 
i picked it, put my sim card in, and started playing with it. 
admittedly it's pretty hard to work & much different than any other phone i've had. 
the buttons are just the opposite & where i usually press "send" i'm pressing "delete"
my sinful heart grew something ugly. 
i was grouchy and frustrated and just not fun to be around. 
but the #hashtag 
popped into my head. 
with this phone i can still call everyone i need. 
i can still do my work. i can even snap a picture of my cute boy.
this grouchy and ungrateful heart of mine was rocked with the thought that the majority of the world doesn't even have the option to be grouchy and ungrateful about any phone at all. 
for some people doing their work means walking miles. for some people talking with their mom is not even possible because of distance. for some people having just a land line would be world-shattering-wonderful.

and i think this is so true of so many people right now. 
we use social media to complain about all these things that aren't even an option for the majority of the world. 
can we just be grateful & appreciate the blessings of this "first world" we live in???

this phone
this house
these problems
for food on the table
formula in the cupboard
toys in the basket 
crumbs on the floor
busy schedules
soccer games & birthday parties
grocery store trips
filling the tank with gas
fresh water all.the.time
for so much. 
everything around me. 
even when it feels like a burden, something to complain about. 
Lord, remind to be thankful for these

{i don't write these things because i think i'm so much better than everyone else, it's just what God is teaching me right now...}

Joshua Manuel: 10 months

{camera is still lost, no replacement yet, very few pictures, so I'm just going to write, because i don't want to forget}

my growing boy! O how you bring so much joy into our lives!
you are very opinionated. you are a ham & a flirt. you love to laugh & make other people laugh. you also really love dancing. your favorite toys are anything that make music. your favorite foods include blueberries, peas, and squash. you're all about feeding yourself and being a big boy. no more squishy-mushy food for joshua!
you got 1 more tooth- total of 4 now. your hair is growing in quite nicely, a little lighter than i thought it would. you say Dada all the time & also say the cutest "Hi" i've ever heard. it's sort of soft and drawn out and very sweet. you are growing out of the baby stage. some people have been calling you a "toddler." really, i don't know if i can handle that. really, i can't believe you are going to be ONE year old in just 2 months. you are real close to give up nap #3. and could start walking any day now. really, my baby... you can't be ready to walk can you?
you're also into everything. that's pretty much the understatement of the year. any trouble there is to find, you find it. anything that's not suppose to be picked up off the floor and eaten, you eat it. every tiny piece of paper, shoe, crumb, or spec of dirt there is to find, you find it & put it in your mouth. i'm having to vacuum more than i ever have before... and it's still not enough. you find the smallest spaces to crawl into and get stuck in. you pull things down, knock things over, and tear everything apart. it's lots of work for momma & daddy but we love to see you exploring and adventuring!
"helping" momma with the laundry
stuck in the strangest places
we spent a lot of time away from home this month. a dear friend and brother in Christ was killed in action in afghanistan. it was a very hard month for your momma & daddy. but you brought us so much joy! we are more thankful for each moment with you than ever before. you LOVED being with your friends. i think you will the best big brother! you aren't intimidated by their size, volume, or roughness. you are loud right back and have no problem tackling anyone who's messing with you.
hanging with the Ferni's
on a much yuckier note... you got the flu AGAIN. and graciously shared with all your friends. you were the first one. the first throw up. ALL OVER momma at red robin. yup. you threw up all over me. at red robin. for about a week you had no appetite. it was really no fun, but you were such a happy boy even in the midst of being sick and having no appetite. and you seriously shared your sickness with about 10 people. yes, 10 people got the sickness you did! pretty impressive sharing joshua! let's hope for no more flu again for a while.

we love you so much. we love your smile and laughter and contagious joy! thank you for making us laugh and smile, even on days when we didn't think it was possible. we thank God that he made you ours and that we have the blessing of being your momma & daddy. you are one incredible baby boy and we can't wait to see the great plans God has for your life.
bath time is great fun!
 we love you more and more everyday!
 love, momma & daddy

would you like to sit down for coffee?

this cute girl & i having coffee
let's chat a bit.
would you like some coffee?
i'll make it in my $13 coffee pot & i'll take mine with some french vanilla creamer {but not too much}. you? joshua is taking a nap. let's enjoy some quiet.

august is over. this month has been insane. i've cried a lot this month. i've looked to the future a lot this month. i've enjoyed my boy a lot this month. we've been away from home a lot this month. i've been working on my heart in my marriage a lot this month. this month has hurt.

but i'm thankful. i'm thankful for my family and my church. i'm thankful that our church can be the church and live out the love of Christ to those around it. i'm thankful that my boy makes me laugh every.single.hour. i'm thankful for so much. and yet it seems i can't find the right words.
maybe it's guilt. maybe it's pain. i really don't know.

and now it's september. my boy is 10 months old & i still don't have a camera & i feel insanely guilty that i'm missing every picture opportunity and there will be no record of this time and how he grew and what he learned and how he made us laugh.
and it's september and i'm learning that life just keeps moving. no matter who you are or what you've gone through or how you think you can't go on. life keeps going. and i don't know how that makes sense. shouldn't life stop? shouldn't she get a break?
and it's september. manny turns 26 next week. nicole and andrew get married. i've got dentist appointments. and need to get my hair done. need to do a lot of things.

i just want to be in His presence. in the glory of the Lord. is my life full of Him. or is it full of stuff and the world? because i know this house is full of stuff. i want it to glorify the Lord. i want my whole life to point towards Him and His saving power and love and grace and forgiveness. how do i get there? what do i do? what do i change? 

that's what i would say if we met for coffee...
what's on your heart today?