Asher Gray: 7 months

 Asher Gray, 
Happy 7 months! My sweet boy. Not much has changed. You're still chubby & kissable, sweet & cuddly, ticklish & smiley. You're content but like to be held when it's almost sleepy time. You're grin is contagious. This month was your first Christmas! You are beginning to recognize those you love & LOVE to stare at your daddy! Your brother makes you laugh and you cuddle with anyone and everyone who is willing. You are still sucking your thumb, especially when you are sleepy. But you are not a fan of sleeping anywhere besides your crib, no matter how tired you are. Unfortunately, you got another nasty cold right after Christmas. It made for a few cranky days and some extra feedings in the middle of the night but most of the time you were just as smiley and never complained too much. Towards the end of this month, I seem to have lost some of my milk... Right now I am exclusive pumping and supplementing with formula. It seems to be what you need so we will keep that up as long as we can. 

This month was your first time in the big swing- loved it! 
Your first time in the big seat in the grocery cart (at Costco)- liked sitting next to your brother.

 You can sit up totally unsupported. 
You are not really caring about trying to crawl. 
Towards the end of this month you finally started to roll around with more determination.

7 month stats: 
Clothes- 12 months
Diapers- size 3
Teeth- none

This month we started solid food. Around 6 months, 3 weeks. 
I knew you weren't quite ready, so I held off a couple weeks. 
But you pretty hate food. You turn your head to the side and refuse to open your mouth. 
I've tried everything in the book- 
sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, bananas, oatmeal cereal, applesauce 
chunky, pureed, from a jar, on a spoon, from my finger, just let you play
you want NOTHING to do with it. 
Kind of driving me crazy but we'll just keep trying...

Your schedule is still pretty much the same. 
Lately you've been liking to get up between 5 and 6:30am, eat and go back to sleep till 8 or later.
Not my favorite, but it's fine... You go sleep at 7pm, so I can't complain! 

I love seeing more and more of your personality. Seeing what interests you and what makes you laugh. I love that you love to cuddle.Your sleepy, sucking my thumb cuteness is the best. You are wearing clothes your brother wore when he was one and walking- that is crazy to me! 
You are my sweet Asher man.   

We love you more and more everyday!
love, your momma & daddy