16 weeks

16 weeks. 

I'm barely showing. 

Some days I'm sick, some days I'm not. So some days I'm feeling great about this pregnancy and having a third baby, and some days I'm not. But the reality is that most days I go about my business with Joshua & Asher and wonder how in the world am I going to do this (library, grocery store, cleaning house, playing outside, even going on walks) with three kids?? And then, I remember when I had just one baby, I wondered how in the world I would do anything with two and here I am doing it everyday… The Lord really will provide every.single.little.thing to get me through every.single.day. 

It's a lot harder to name Baby #3. I think we are settled on a girl name, but the boy name is still not quite there…

I should probably buy stock in Panera. It always sounds good. Always. 
I've barely drink coffee these days, so weird for me!

Most nights when I lay down I get some heartburn. 

I'm super tired, all the time. 

Baby #3, 
I can't wait to see what this life is like with three little Pollard babies running around. Joshua is very excited about you, but rather confused as to why we don't know if you are boy or girl yet. Asher is very indifferent. Both your dad and I really think you are a girl. We find out November 4th and it really will be a shock if you are a boy… But no matter what, I'm positive you will fit into this family exactly the way you are supposed to. it would be great if I started feeling better all the time very soon… we love you so!