Joshua Manuel: 4.5 years

Joshie, my Joshie, I love you my Joshie.
Today, marks 4 1/2 years of Joshua Manuel Pollard. It's incredibly hard to believe that you will be turning 5 years old this year! FIVE seems so old to me. Five is big kid. Five is school and no longer being a baby. I'm equally parts terrified and excited to see what FIVE will bring.

But here today, at four & a half, you are my Joshie. I still hold you and kiss you every chance I get because I just don't know how much longer I'll be about to do that. You weigh 44 pounds & most 5T clothes are too small for you.

You love to dance & sing & be the life of the party. Goodness, your dancing is probably one of the best parts of our lives right now. You love your family. You and Asher are growing into the best of friends and it is so much fun. Kennedy thinks you hung the moon and stars and you are always first to make her laugh. You love to have WRESLEMANIA, play/shovel in the snow, and go to church/youth stuff with Daddy. You often are a great help to your Momma. You're doing great at school and know how to write your name all by yourself. You love to draw and write notes in a little notebook I got you for Easter. You are also really fond of drawing all over your body.

As Kma put it, your favorite word is probably "actually" because you "actually" always know the right way! You are still a big fan of sticking to the plan. Recently we've been dealing with some talking back/ disrespect issues - this parenting thing is no joke! And as the oldest, you have the privilege of going through everything first.

At 4.5 years old, some of your favorites include:
  • wearing little booty shorts/ boxer briefs to bed (no matter what the temperature) because that's what Daddy wears
  • playing "Mom/Son" "Dog/Owner" etc with your brother
  • being outside in the snow 
  • Legos
  • Shows- any NEW show, Despicable Me, Garfield, Inspector Gadget, Croods, Scooby Doo
  • Food- noodles, apples, fried eggs
  • Toys- Blue Monkey, Beary, your "secret spy" wallet, cars, fort building 
  • Friends- Asher, Lily, Caleb, Jocelyn (via Facetime) Eliya 
Joshua, I really just enjoy being your Momma. Sure, there are hard days and days when you just don't stop talking and days when it seems really difficult to chose obedience. But I love spending time with you. I love watching you love on your brother & sister. I love watching you "perform." I love watching you be a friend and loving on others. I love how you stick up for your family. I love how much you care about what you are wearing & how it often includes a dress shirt and tie. I love watching your draw and write and color. It is such a privilegde to be your mom. There are so many things I am praying for you my son, but mostly I pray that you chose to live a life that glorifies the Name above Names, the King, the Almighty, our Everlasting Father, Jesus Christ!

we love you more and more every day! 
your momma