Kennedy Maren: 2 months

Kennedy Girl,
You started this month off with a bang - RSV, a 3 day hospital stay, and lots of oxygen! Thankfully you were never super sick, just couldn't keep your oxygen levels up. Your hospital stay was lots of quite time for the two of us. You ate and slept great through it all. We were super thankful you got the support you needed and recovered pretty quickly from yucky sickness. Unfortunately, you are still on oxygen... You've failed two overnight studies & you'll have another one the first week of June- maybe you'll pass then! Until then we'll just keep carting around the oxygen and hoping your lungs develop the way they need to!
You've gotten really great at smiling. You shared your very first smiles with Kma (TWICE), but I couldn't imagine a better person for you to share those smiles with. You are very talkative. You do a great job sleeping at night, all swaddled tight. Most of the time it's 7:30pm to around 4:30am then back to sleep till around 9am. I am so very thankful for that sleep and the extra time in the morning I have with your brothers. Most days we are out and about in the morning- you nap in the car seat. Two days out of the week, we go to work in the afternoon and you are such a champion.

Daddy traveled quite a bit this month. The first time Daddy left there were lots of tears, Asher got the stomach flu & Momma was not sure she would survive - but we did... And then he went on another trip and we did okay and then we figured out - this is where we are, this is hard, but this is good & there is joy! So there is where we are - finding the joy in the hard.
Kennedy girl, we all love you so very much. We love putting bows in your hair, we love giving you baths, we love having you with us, we love cuddling with you, rocking you, and holding you, we love spending our days as a family of five & are o-so-very thankful for you, my girl!
we love you more & more everyday!
love, momma & daddy