The Wish I Dressed Like This ::: But I Don't

Yesterday I found the greatest website. Seriously, the most wonderful clothing shop I have ever seen. Described as "Vintage Inspired Clothing, Affortable Clothes, Eco Friendly Clothes" It is in all honestly, the way I wish I dressed. But I don't. And I really don't think I'll be spending over $40 on a blouse anytime soon... But that might change {or not really}.
Anyways, thought I'd share some of the things I thought were exceptionally great. And maybe one day I'll own some of it...

Because in all honesty, I'm kind of freaking out realizing that in a mere 6 months I'm going to have to dress like a real "business professional." This will be quite the departure from my daily jeans or sweats with a sweatshirt and tshirt. Seriously. How can I just change from that to this in one day??? I have no idea...

Ok so everything great and cute and I wish I wore this...

Tuesday Thoughts

So I should have this awesome post with really great pictures of all the cool crafts I made this weekend, but my computer wasn't working...and then it was... So, tomorrow I will post great pictures of my cool crafts. Until then, I'll leave you with my random thoughts...

I think I'm gunna have to give up my daily nap... I've been having an awful time trying to get to sleep lately and it's sooooo frustrating! But yesterday I didn't take my nap and I fell right to sleep and sleep all through the night. So... no more naps for me. Looks like I'll have to be a grown-up soon (ish).

Jackson is so great. He's sitting in my lap right now just hanging out. Ok, he really just wants more yogurt snacks. Ha. He's still so cute.
Tomorrow we are going on a play date with all my friends! I am so excited!!!

Yesterday, I listened to Pandora radio ::: A Fine Frenzy with Joshua Radin. I think it's the most perfect radio station ever. ever.

I wish this tiny computer would play pandora. blast.

Speaking of computers. They are so annoying. On Friday this computer got "Problem Blue Screen," really that's the name of the problem. But it wouldn't work, so I turned it off and planned on handing if off to Joey today. But last night I thought I should turn it on just for good measure. And what happen? It worked. It works perfectly fine. In fact I'm on it right now. Wouldn't be so annoyed if I hadn't redone my entire resume last night on Manny's computer after I had already redone it on this computer.

Speaking of Manny. He got a new job!!! YAHOO!!! So excited. I pray and pray and pray this is just what he needs...

I'm really enjoying reading through Philippians. Will be doing it everyday this week. I praise God for the discipline I have had recently in doing my daily devotional. I pray it continues.

Yesterday in the mail I got:
1. a sweet new key chain [from etsy, total cost $3.00]
2. a 1915 map of Colorado to be framed and put on my mantle [also from etsy, total cost $5.00]
3. the Hunger Games trilogy [from Barnes & Noble, total cost from me $11.67]

Seriously, I love good deals & getting stuff in the mail. AWESOME.

Jackson is back. for more raisins.

Ok, that's enough for today. Adios. Hasta Luego. [Handy Manny in the background]

My first attempts...

at being super crafty and cool :)

My kitchen table, post crafting mania... Manny just couldn't understand why in the world I would cut a book up...

My first 4 crafting creations... I took a bunch of paper/felt flower ideas I have been reading and just went with it... I'm not super happy with how everything turned out. And I think I make everything much too large. BUT I really like the flower below:

And now I'm super excited because I have a Hobby Lobby trip and crafting afternoon planned with my dear friend Autumn!!! Yahooooooo!

trevor hall is the shit.

thoughts on this Tuesday...

While trying to come up with a "cool, cohesive" blog....I couldn't... So I wrote this instead...

  • 1.5 years, 78.4 weeks, or 549 days ago {which ever way you'd like to think about it} I married the love of my life. Wasn't I so awesome looking 1.5 years ago?

and ps. I totally fit back into my wedding dress this weekend

  • I find it rather difficult to upload pictures onto this blog and put them where I want them [or spend an insane amount of time rearranging everything]

  • I've found the perfect gift for all my friends [so if you read this and you're my friend you'll probably get one someday...] Book: One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp with this wonderfully, handmade Bookmark

  • I can't wait for the day that I dance like a fool, since like lark{HA}, and smile the goofiest smile just to make MY baby laugh. And I totally plan on video taping it. My baby will laugh and I will laugh and then someday my grown baby will laugh and I will laugh too.

  • I am so thankful for my job. I am truly blessed by this baby boy and his family. But every once and a while I just ache to be doing all the things I do with this baby boy with my very own baby... Like see his smile when I come rescue him from his crib after naptime, the thousands of kisses I joyfully place on his fat little cheeks, the lessons I teach him, the words he is just about to saw, the moments I saw first, and all the hugs and kisses he gives to me. Jackson brings so much joy into my life and I seriously just love him so much. I can't wait to experience this love on the doped-up, super-extreme love that a mother feels for her child... {someday, Kimberlee, someday [maybe soon, maybe not]}

  • I am so thankful for my Keurig. seriously, I wake up just so that I may have the joy of using it!

  • I wonder if I'll like EasyMac my whole life....

  • I have no idea what our life will look like in 2 weeks? 2 months? 6 months? 9 months?

  • These crafts look fun.... [but I don't remember where I found them, blast.]

  • I'm seriously done uploading pictures.

  • It's time to get Jackson to eat something decent for lunch... Wait, what? Raisins, cheerios, waffles left on his high chair from breakfast, and yogurt that's smeared all over his face isn't a sufficient lunch? yea, I know.

bucket list?

lately a list of sorts has been keeping me up late at night. I suppose it is a "bucket list" [even though I didn't particularly enjoy the movie (Manny cried)]. It is a list of things I want to do...someday. Obviously some things are going to happen a lot sooner than others but I figure this was an appropriate place for me to make this list, add to it, and not lose it. [I lose everything]

- see the penguins in Argentina
- swim with sea turtles!!!
- camp for more than a week
- read through the entire Bible
- be a Mom
- throw my parents an AWESOME 25th anniversary party/weekend
- be more creative/artsy/ eclectic [working on this currently]
- renovate a house
- live in a bungalow, circa 1920
- teach high school history
- NEVER drive a van
- hike a 14-er
- travel to Holland: visit relatives, go to a Holocaust concentration camp, study history there
- travel to South Africa: do missions there
[added 2/7/2011] - go to Superbowl or BCS National Championship game!

ok that is all for now.
Happy Bucket Listing. [I kind of hate that term]


I want to learn how to sew!!! Like with a machine & make really great things...
I think I could make you something great...