Kennedy Maren: 1 month

Kennedy Maren, 
My sweet, sweet girl! We've survived your first month! You've been the easy part... It's your brothers who are giving us a run for our money... But we're taking it one day, sometimes one minute at a time. If you were to walk into our house at any given moment, odds are at least 1 would be crying... But that is just life with three kiddos 3 and under!
You are so beautiful my girl! You've got a great head of hair & it does the funniest flippy thing on the ends. We shall see if it stays & grows or all falls out??!  I'm having lots of fun with all the pink & bows & sweetness! It really is a whole new world. When you are awake you are WIDE EYED. You've got beautiful blue eyes and are so very alert. You're a night owl. You are usually most awake from about 5-9pm and love to be held at this time. It makes bed time with your brothers very interesting. But once you're out, you're out and the past week or so have only been waking up once around 4 or 5am. 
Talk about grace upon grace. You are very easy baby. You sleep and eat and fill your diaper. You only really cry when I want you to nap in your car seat and you don't think that is a great idea. You started sleeping in your own room/crib by night #2 at home. That is just what works for our family :) For nap time, Asher sleeps in the upstairs crib {your room}, Josh has quiet time downstairs {in the boys room}, and you sleep in the basket {in our room}. You do great with bottles. You are a fan of your paci right now but are really trying to find your thumb. Asher loves to stick the paci in your mouth, even when you don't need it. Joshua is all about having "belly time" with you & almost everyday when you wake up he exclaims, "her is bigger now Mom, hers bigger! Can she crawl now?!" The day you start crawling might just be the best day ever! Asher mostly calls you "Baby" and Joshua calls you "Baby Kennedy." You are fiercely loved by your brothers!
Your first holiday- EASTER! We celebrated with an early morning Egg Hunt at the house, Easter baskets, church, Egg Hunt at church, and then Easter Lunch with Kma & Opa at our house.
 1 Month Stats:
Weight- 10lbs- 70%
Height- 22in- 86%
Head Circ- 14.5in- 58%

 We are so very thankful for you Miss Kennedy. You bring lots of joy & love to our crazy house! 
We love you too much! 
-your momma & daddy