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Well it might be a miracle... but I fixed my broken blog!!! I don't really know what happened or how I fixed it but I did. I am proud :) something about some other site that got hacked and it jacked up mine... but all better now.
back to blogging.

Last night Manny and I went to the Mona Lisa Fondue Restaurant on a nice date! Thank you to
the people I work for the gift certificate they couldn't use! We certainly enjoyed all the great food & the fact that the whole dinner process is just slow when you do fondue and we had plenty of time to talk and enjoy each other. The only picture I got of both of us. Manny looks a little drugged... He's not. promise.

In other news... this is my last week of work. CrAzY. more on that tomorrow.

I'm 38 weeks. AH.

Manny got all the furniture painted last weekend & it looks so great! I wish I would have taken before & after pictures. bummer. but if we can get the furniture back to our house {it's at my parents where we painted} I hope to get his room mostly done -meaning organized and put back together- by Thursday. that will be seriously exciting. I still need to do the mobile, finish about 10 letters for the abc wall, and put up any art work I have but that will all come in time...

Last Friday my mom & I went to ikea. that was a fun adventure :) mostly I just loved spending time with my mom! we got looks of fun stuff. great prices. but still spent a lot. ha.

For the first time ever I'm having my wedding ring "serviced." I can't wait to get it back all shiny & pretty!

We've been in our place for a little over a month. So far, so good. There is certainly less storage than we've ever had before & that is pretty challenging considering we're storing stuff for us & a whole new life now... We got a portable dishwasher, that shall be nice. I don't really enjoy hauling laundry everywhere, but it's not that awful {...for now, we'll see how I feel about that post-baby...}

It's getting cold now. All that means right now is baby is coming soon... And I have nothing to wear. Ha. Hopefully I'll fit into some of my clothes once this baby is out of my belly...

Ok. Can't think of much else. Jackson & I are going swimming today. yahoo!

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