fourth of july 2014

goodness, it was a full - fun day! 
waffles. parade. naps. BBQ. and even some fireworks out the front door right before bed!
so thankful for all the celebration, for all the friends and family, for all the freedom living in this country allows us.

what a great fourth of july!!!

forever blessed.

a little over two years ago, i wrote this in a blog post titled, "literally an answer to prayer"

after we first got married, i prayed {and cried} for friend's who would walk alongside us. who were right in the same stage as us. one for manny, one for me. some sweet couple friends.
~tyler & kaci~

after we met them & became close friends i prayed and begged the Lord to bless them with a baby, all in his perfect timing.
today, i got to hold and kiss and love on that precious baby girl. God is so faithful.

today, i sit here with big fat tears rolling down my cheeks because those sweet couple friends and their precious girls are moving to tennesse in eight days.... 

when we first met Tyler & Kaci i kept telling Manny, "I know her, I know her from somewhere." turns out we had gone to the same middle school... she was the super cool eighth grader with the hot boyfriend and I was a really nerdy sixth grader. She moved away to TN once, but then came back. And her and her awesome husband started playing worship for Alethia...

she tells me now that after our first dinner together she said to Tyler, "wow, she cusses a lot," ;)

from there it's just been lots of life together. so many fun times and lots of laughter. but also some really hard roads and a few tears (ok, mostly all the tears were mine) but yea, this life if messy and hard and wonderful all at the same time & it has been such a blessing to do it all with these friends over the past 4 years. 

our first babies were born 5 months apart.  and then we had more babies 2 months apart. we've lived 2 blocks from each other. we've been in every same small group and bible study. she's the only one who i let see me in my pajamas. she's the only one who will talk as much as me in bible study- we balance each other out ;). she's the only one i want to just stop by my house on the very best day or the very worst day. their family is the only one that my son prays from every single night. their "songs" are the only ones that put my boy to sleep every night. they are the only ones i will invite over to dinner just because i made too much food (and know they will come ;)). ella is the only name asher has said besides "dada" and "ma." she's got my back & i've got hers. joshua has one best friend, one girl, and that's jocelyn. that kaci, makes me laugh and blesses my life.

in so many more words than this silly blog post, this family has blessed ours.

there are so many stupid things i am going to miss once they live too many states away. i have no idea what i will do with my kids when they are making me crazy and i can't just walk to their house. i have no idea how i'm going to explain to joshua that it will be a very long time before he sees jocelyn again. i have no freaking clue who i'm going to hang with all the time. i'm going to hate being in worship at church for a pretty long time. and i think i might just be really sad for a long time too...

there are so many things every day that i will hate about them not being right here. but i'm trying really really hard to remember that the blessing of their friendship and doing life together will not end when they move a million miles away. it might look different. it will look different.
but this friendship is FOREVER a BLESSING.
and i am forever thankful for that FOREVER BLESSING.