my love. my best friend. my very hot husband.
is 25 today!!!
Happy Birthday Manny Pollard
25 Reasons Why YOU are Beyond Greatness
1. you make me laugh everyday
2. you are incredibly handsome
3. you are the very best friend, to not only me but EVERYONE
4. you're going to be the best DAD
5. you are a great speaker of the Truth
6. you're the best race car driver -that's never driven a race car-
7. you always listen to my dreams
8. you give great hugs
9. you are incredibly caring
10. you have great perspective
11. you kiss me like you love me everyday
12. you hold my hand in the car almost every time
13. you remember everything
14. you have a really cute butt
15. you love your family and friends like it's nobody's business
16. you make the best pancakes every time we go camping
17. you're a great uncle
18. you always know exactly what to say
19. you take out the trash
20. you don't get too annoyed with me when i'm nosy
21. you can pick the best drinks
22. you love pizza - just as much as me & this baby do
23. you're passionate
24. you are humble
25. you're all mine!

Happy Birthday Babe. I love you too much.

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