2 perfect years

2 years ago I married my love. It was a perfect day. It's been a perfect two years.
look at this handsome man. goodness, I LOVE HIM.

walking down the aisle to meet my husband.

those who stood by our side. so thankful for them.

our incredible ceremony.

yahoo! we're married!

we're all really excited!

so that was our wedding. the reception was perfect too. goodness, we've done a lot in two years...

we've gone to disneyworld
traveled to new york, california, tahoe,
and soon san fransisco for an anniversary/ babymoon trip! {can't wait}
we went on the craziest bike ride of my life for our one year anniversary.
we've graduated college. and i started my masters.
we made it through an entire, miserable volleyball season.
we moved.
we left a steady job to help start a church.
we've left other jobs & started new ones.
we've had cars break down, have borrowed cars, and even bought 3 cars!
we got active & cheered each other on in half-marathons & triathlons.
we got pregnant!
we've trusted the Lord every step of the way.
I am so thankful for this day. for the day I promised my life to the love of my life.
Manny, you are beyond greatness. I love you too much.
I can't wait for a billion more perfect years!

{p.s. weren't we so cool on this perfect day 2 years ago?}

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