Asher Gray: 11 months

Hey Asher Man,
You're 11 months old! How in the world is that possible?!? To me you are just my baby, but you are also growing up so much everyday! You LOVE to bang, bang, bang. You make everything a drum. You crawl FAST. You get into EVERYTHING you are not supposed to. You FINALLY eat like a normal baby boy {praise JESUS}. You still LOVE cuddles & kisses. You can say DA and only say MA-MA when you are crying. You also say ELLA sometimes {budding pollard/krause love story part 2??}. You DESTROY lots of things, namely the fireplace protector, the bookshelf, and pantry.

This month we celebrated Easter. You mostly wanted to eat the eggs :)

You are not so sure about the grass. But want nothing more than to just play in the dirt with your older brother. I am only wishing you would walk, just so you could go out and play. We are enjoying the warmer weather & really looking forward to our BEACH vacation coming at the end of May.

{this is how you crawl if you REALLY don't want to touch the ground}

Asher, thank you for these amazing 11 months! You are such a JOY & we can't wait to see more of you personality! 

We love you more & more everyday! 
momma & daddy