life lately...

doesn't he look so big? our boy is almost 2! he's so smart. i can't believe i've been his momma for almost 2 years. i love watching him learn and pretend and be creative. 

well the new iPhone iOS update is pretty cool. 
so is this panoramic picture. 
so are my brother's football games. 

last week, for the first time ever, i woke up BEFORE the boys to get a run in. 
i must be getting older... 

joshua, the entertainer, even loves to entertain his little brother. 

this little one has taking to sucking his thumb... 

joshua's favorite quiet time activity lately- doing the dishes. 
keep it up little man!

goodness i LOVE them! 

thank you Lord for all these gifts! 

it's ok.

42 days later i have completed  Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred

30 days... it took me 42 days 
it's ok. 

i got some nasty ankle tendonitis and rested for a week right in the middle
it's ok. 

i didn't lose the "20 pounds in 30 days"
it's ok. 

i am NOT back to my pre-baby weight
it's ok.

i cheated on more than just my cheat days
it's ok.

BECAUSE for 30 days {technically 35days} 
i sweated my rear off.
i worked out early in the morning, during naptime, or after eveyone else was in bed. 
i did something for myself. 
i ate better than i had in months. 
i gained muscle and strength and some self-respect.

after 42 days i can say: 
 with my 3 month old watching me, 
with my 2 year old mimicking my huffing and puffing, 
before or after just nursing, 
after a busy day, 
before a full day, 
in the midst of the long days, 

{and i'm pretty proud}

next goal- get back into running shape
here we go!

Happy 27th Birthday to my Greatness!

you just turned 27. i officially feel like you are old. you are no longer the young youth pastor. you're just the youth pastor. {and a darn good one, but still just a little old}. but 27 looks good on you.
we may be tired and worn out parents of 2 young boys. we may be the busiest people in the world.
but 27 looks good. you lead our family with confidence and joy. you work hard. you willingly help me do things you would probably never do on your own. you love on a bunch of middle schoolers and high schoolers better than most. you listen and love that crazy wife of yours better than anyone in the world. you make me laugh every single day. you parent well. you seek after God with all you've got. you are constantly learning. you selflessly help lead our church. you are the best friend to so many. you make this life so wonderful.
i am so thankful for you. for your wisdom and love and humor.

Happy 27th Birthday my Greatness.
i love you!

ps. i kind of hate this picture. but this is life when you turned 27. late night picture. tired eyes. baby on hip. just put the other boy in bed. about to collapse on the couch. i love this life.

Asher Gray: 3 months

This month has been all about soaking in. 
soaking in:
//the last days of summer//
we spent quite a few morning at some of Colorado's finest "beaches"
//your chubby cheeks//
//your hilarious giggle//
//your wonderful cuddles//
your brother was never much of a cuddler, but you still fit so well snuggled up against my shoulder, resting your head. or falling alseep in the crook of my arm. i cherish those moments. 
//the relationship forming between you and Joshua//
it melts my heart to see him on you, share his toys, or be worried about your  cry. i pray that the Lord builds such a strong bond between the two of you. that you lean on each other in times of struggle. that you always laugh with one another. that you shine together the light of Christ.
Joshua sharing his favorite blankies and "monk" with you
//football games//
uncle johnny's football season started and we have made it to every game as well as one CU game.

Asher, i love your cheeks. i love your giggle. i love making you laugh and holding you close. 
you are still a pretty slow eater, but that's ok. 
you are officially sleeping through the night: about 8pm-7am {with a 10:30pm dream feed}
you do NOT like falling asleep in your car seat. 
you laugh the hardest after you get a little startled when playing peek-a-boo.
that days are warm and most of the time you just wear a onesie. 
you LOVE getting your clothes changed. 
i believe you will be just as ticklish as your brother. 
you really see people's faces and always light up when you hear your daddy. 
your hair continues to fall out. and you've currently got a pretty sweet mullet going in the back.
you play with your hands constantly. 
you rarely cry. 

we are so blessed by you, Asher bear. 
we love you more than you will ever know!
your momma

five things friday

{finding it difficult to write these days... *five things friday* giving me somewhere to start}

1. today i fit {and buttoned [and didn't want to die of uncomfortableness]} into a pair of pre-pregnancy shorts! oh the joy! like seriously, i almost cried i was so happy.
i just finished level 2 of jillian michaels 30 day shred and was feeling like i was making no progress. but there is hope for this had-2-babies-momma body!

2. football has started! i LOVE my brother. i LOVE high school football.
i will be busy every friday night for the next 3 months.

3. my boys are JOY.
Asher's funny grin, bright eyes, and wonderful giggle.
Joshua's silly defiance, many words, and squeeze hugs.

4. it's september. it's hot out. i'm not complaining.

5. we jumped on the smoothie train. 3 weeks strong. Joshua & i have a smoothie every other morning for breakfast. i have been making "smoothie packs" at the beginning of each week- apple, strawberries, & cucumber {or any mixture of fruits on hand}. they sit in the freezer until smoothie time. add coconut water, 1/2 banana, and spinach or kale & we're good to go!
i feel healthy. Joshua loves it. it's easy. i like. 

happy weekend!