I’m Currently…

Watching…Breaking Bad. manny and i have been watching a couple episodes every night since we brought Asher home. it's pretty interesting and always has us curious as to what will happen next. i also get a pretty good laugh out of the character Jesse Pinkman. ha.

Enjoying…watching my Joshie's imagination grow. his stories are always exciting and he's recently started playing more on his own, "reading" to himself, wearing blankie capes, and playing pretend (or at least what i think might be pretend). it's pretty stinking cool to see his little mind develop and learn! 

Planning…what i will do this weekend. manny is taking Josh to south dakota for his grandma's memorial service at the ranch up there so it will be just me and Asher for the weekend. i see lots of organizing and possibly setting up the nursery/Joshua's downstairs room in our future :)

Excited for…my house being pretty much done! minus a few closet doors that need to installed and the kitchen light needing to be hung and maybe some paint touch up our house is perfect. in the future we will paint the exterior and we need LOTS of landscaping help but right now the inside is perfect. i love everything about this little house and am so blessed to raise our boys in it. i am so thankful for all the hard work my dad, manny, and friends put into it and each night i just sit back and thank God for such an amazing place to call our own!

Cooking…not much of anything. we've been graciously blessed by meals from our church community and family so i've really not made much of anything lately. it's a nice break!

Pinning…more ideas for Asher's nursery. i have a couple solid ideas and things i know will go in it but i'm still searching for ways to fill the space and work with the color palette i have in my head...

Inspired by…all mom who have more than 2 babies! at 1am when Asher is still not sleeping and seems to be hungry AGAIN i lie there thinking "how could i possibly do this no-sleep-chase-toddler-nurse-and-care-for-infant-all-day-long thing with 2 toddlers and infant? or 3? or more?" i really have no idea. so mad props to all you moms out there with more than 1 kid! seriously, i don't know how you do it.

Remembering…that i can do all things through Christ how gives me strength. that He sustains and supplies all love, grace, peace and strength. that when i seek Him i will find Him. that in my weakness He is strong.


i think it was a pretty known fact that i was most worried about how the introduction of this new little family member would affect my little man Joshua...

but i am happy to say they are both doing so great. 
for the first couple of days Joshua was pretty indifferent to Asher. 
each day he has gotten more and more interested in his little brother. 
he knows which blankie belongs to Asher and is quick to bring it to him. 
he always wants to give Asher his pacifier. 
for the past three mornings the first thing Joshua has said to me when i go in and get him from his room is "baby?" 
when Asher cries Joshua is always concerned. 
i'm praising God that my Joshua is already such a good big brother. 
he is sweet and concerned and quick to love on his little brother. 
what a blessing!

not to say there aren't hard times between the 2 of them... 
Joshua has thrown a fit or two while i'm nursing Asher. 
Joshua often wants to climb in my lap at the most inconvenient times.
 Joshua tries to "rock" Asher in his chair a little too rough at times. 
and Joshua is certainly  hearing "no" way more than before.

but all things considered, these brothers are doing great! 
we are so blessed and so thankful for the bond they already share. 
we can't wait to see their relationship grow and change. 

Joshua, you are already such a great big brother!
Momma & Daddy are very proud of you! 

Asher, just keep up your sweet newborn ways & i'm sure Joshua will make you nice and tough :) 


Asher Gray Pollard
Born June 8th, 2013
8lbs 12oz 
21 inches

we are so in love!

we're waiting... not very patiently.

this is my giant belly. 
i have very little motivation to do anything besides have a baby this week. 
last week i was crazy nesting/ getting ready/ cleaning/ building/ preparing. 
this week i am ready for that baby to come! 

joshua's been helping me get ready. 
trying out all the baby gear & even got a nasty cold/ cough so i could practice waking up in the middle of the night to rock a baby. 
thankfully he's feeling much better :) 

i am so ready to be done being pregnant... 
but i am pretty scared about how this baby will change our family. 
manny asked me what my biggest fear was and my honest answer- 
i fear how joshua will respond/ react/ feel...
i KNOW that this baby is what the Lord has for our family, 
but change can be scary. his little life is about to be turned upside down and he's not going to understand that in about 9 months he'll have a built-in best friend and playmate... 
transition and change will be hard, but i KNOW it will be SO WORTH IT. 
praying my heart remembers that when my joshie boy is struggling with sharing his momma and daddy, our time, our laps, our mealtimes, our house, our bedtimes, and everything in between.

so these days are all about waiting. not very patiently.
not wanting to cook, clean, or do much of anything 
(especially bend over, move quickly, or really move at all- thank you giant belly)
but we are waiting... 
baby #2- come out whenever you are ready!