Kennedy Maren: 4 months

Kennedy Girl, 
I call you "Sweet Girl" and "Princess" all the time, but your brothers tell me "SHE IS NOT A PRINCESS. SHE IS NOT A SWEET GIRL. SHE IS A BABY." Well, I still think you are the sweetest girl and the most beautiful princess. You are such a wonderful baby. You've got the eating down and rarely spit up. We've got a good little schedule, so even though you don't technically sleep through the night and get up anytime between 4-6am, you go right back to sleep until about 9am so I am able to do mornings with your brothers and get a few things accomplished at the start of the day.  You are growing, growing! Both the doctor and the nurse measured you twice to make she you have actually grown that much!  
4 Month Stats:   
Height: 16.5in - 100%
Weight: 16lbs 9oz - 90%
Head Circ: 

This month, we traveled over the mountains and through the woods to see Gram with Joshua, Asher, Kma, and Auntie Karla. You also got to meet your Great-Grandma Joan & Great-Grandpa Jim and TONS of other family :) You were a great traveler in the car {for the most part} and did really well sleeping in the hotel{S}. We had a quite the adventure! But it was a really great weekend.

 Other fun stuff this month:
  • you love sticking out your tongue
  • you think Asher is the best
  • you've rolled over - back to tummy - one time
  • your hair is coming in real fuzzy and I still can't decide on the color
  • size 2 diapers are almost too small
  • I just switched all your clothes over to 6months 
  • you like to fall asleep with a blankie or that little bunny by your face
  • you are most ticklish under your chin 
  • you went swimming for the firs time - for a total of about 4 minutes
  • we also celebrated Fourth of July - Waffles & Parade this month!
Kennedy girl, 
We are just so very thankful for your sweet cuddles, wonderfully chubby rolls, little giggles, big grins. You are just a joy. You do not have a problem letting me know when you are mad and that is just fine. I can't wait to learn more about you - your likes, dislikes, passions, and interests. I can't wait to hear what you have to say TO your brothers and ABOUT your brothers. 
You are growing and I love that and I hate that. One day I won't pick you up and hold you the way I do now, I will miss that. One day I won't make you grin the way I do now, I will miss that. One day everything will look so different, I look forward to that, but I will also miss this. 
we love you more and more everyday! 
love, your momma