Over the mountains and through the woods...

to Gram's house we go!

my mom, Joshua, Asher, and i took a little trip to see Gram.

 traveling and hotel-staying with a toddler and newborn weren't the easiest, 
but what a blessing it is to see Gram love on her newest GREAT-GREAT-grandson and laugh with her Joshie!

Gram pushed Asher around on her walker and showed him off to all her friends and neighbors. 
Asher flashed that newborn grin for her more than anyone!

we threw bread (and rocks) to the fishies and saw a deer and 2 fawns. 

we ate fried chicken and ice cream at Uncle Jerry & Aunt Sue's 
Josh played in the mud, explored their garden and got scared of the chickens. 

we love our Gram!

always working...

i was reminded of this truth the other day: 
the Lord always working. 
But Jesus replied, "My Father is always working, and so am I." John 5:17
as of late, as of newborn, as of late nights and early mornings, as of getting back to work, and setting new rhythms, and trying my hardest to figure it all out...
the Lord is always working

i don't understand it. i don't know why He chooses to love a sinner like me. i don't know why He continues to work on this heart; show me love, teach me grace, give forgiveness. i don't understand. 
but He's always working. 
always loving, always guiding, always molding, always teaching, always helping, always listening, always saving, always working.
thank You. 

We wait in hope for the Lord; 
He is our help and our shield. 
In Him our hearts rejoice, 
for we trust His holy name. 
May Your unfailing love be with us, Lord,
 as we put our hope in You. 
Psalm 33:20-22

4 years

i keep thinking back to myself and how i thought our lives would be at this point... 
never would i have thought that in 4 years we would have:
had 2 babies
bought a little green house in Monument
help start a church
buy the cars we bought 
work the jobs we've worked
traveled to the places we've seen 
moved 5 times
struggled through what we've been through
or known such great joy!

these four years have gone by quickly &
i am so thankful for each day we spend together!
 .this adventure is better than i could have ever imagined.

i can't wait to see what the next four, twenty, and fifty years bring! 
Manny,  you are beyond the greatness.
i love you too much. 
Happy 4 Years!!!
{see what i wrote for our 2 year & 3 year anniversary}

Asher Gray: 1 month

welcome to the world my sweet boy! your first month of life has been full. full of nursing, sleeping, not sleeping, brother time, hots days and nights, diaper changing, staying in, going out, first baths, celebrating fathers day, being with family, meeting new friends, and being as cute as can be!
this month:
-we came home from the hospital after spending 2 nights and about 3 days there
-you were diagnosed with some jaundice, came home on a bilibed and came off it by day 4 of life
-life revolves around your feedings: sometime between 3and5am, 8am, 11am, 2:30pm, 5:30pm, 7:30pm, and 10pm
-your burps and farts are LOUD. louder than any other baby i've ever met. seriously. loud. every.single.time.
-your a very slow nurser. it takes about an hour each feeding... but it's God's way of telling me to slow down so i'm enjoying our quiet moments and trying not to get too frustrated when we have somewhere to be ;) 
-early on your nights and days were confused... most nights i was up till 1 or 2am or up for 4 hours stretches in the middle of the night... it was pretty rough but then at 3 weeks you figured it out!
-on june 30th you slept 10:30pm to 5:44am! holy cow! amazing! and you've kept that up pretty much every night since then {talked about one amazing baby & one blessed momma!}
-you spent the first two weeks in our room. but i was ready to move you so we moved your brother downstairs and put your basket on the floor in your room. you seem comfy there :) 

-your first bath was pretty rough- you cried the whole time, your brother was very concerned, and as i was pulling you out your brother toppled into the tub head first! thankfully he caught himself with his hands and daddy was there to pull him out! a moment not to be forgotten! 
-so far, i'm pegging your personality as content. most days, you sleep, eat, hang out quietly in your chair, and then fall back asleep. life is pretty good for you little Asher Bear.

-you sleep swaddled up night and tight. you don't sleep super great when we are out and about but you don't complain either.
-2 days after you were born the Black Forest Fire started. it was a pretty crazy, emotional time and all three of the houses i grew up in burned down. thankfully, we were far away from the fire and safe minus dealing with the smoky air. the fire took almost 500 houses and burned thousands of acres of the forest i love, but through it all God is faithful and has a plan...
-1 month STATS:
  • weight: 10.1 lbs - 57percentile
  • height: 23 inches - 97percentile
  • head circumference:
- we love you more & more everyday!
my Asher Bear, we are so in love with you. you are the perfect addition to our family. you are content and don't get upset too easily when i have to pay attention to your brother or the house or something else. i'm so beyond thankful for your amazing sleeping! i'm praising God for the amazing bond He's creating between you and your brother. you are quick to watch and listen to his crazy antics and he takes good care of you and always wants to know where you are. i love looking into your sweet blue eyes and kissing your sweet cheeks. i can't wait to watch you grow and see more of your personality.
love you,
your momma