Kennedy Maren: 12 months, 1 year

 Kennedy Girl! 
You are one year old! We are just as smitten with you. Everything about you, I want to remember forever and just love!
At one year old... 
Height: 24lbs, 95%
Weight: 30.9in, 95%
Size Diaper: 5 
Size Clothing: 18months
Favorite Toy: your lovey bunny 
Favorite Food: probably beef stew 
Favorite Time of Day: right after lunch 
Favorite Past Time: being held by Momma all the time! 
Nap times: usually 9-11am & 1-3ishpm 
Bed time: 7pm 
Dislikes: getting dressed, being separated from Mom, most sweet food
 Words: UH OH, bye, (sometimes) hello

 Your funny little personality just keeps coming out more and more. You do this funny like squish face when you think are funny or want to make me laugh. You think it is hilarious to just lean backwards; sometimes onto one of your brothers, sometimes against someone's legs, and sometimes just onto the floor. You only suck your thumb when you have your bunny and are about to fall asleep. You hate getting dressed but are very good about getting your hair done. You are officially a walker now! Still a little wobbly but you now choose to walk over crawl.

To celebrate your first birthday... 
On your actual birthday--- Kma took you, me & your brothers out to breakfast, we had a few friends over for a brunch/lunch play date, and then when Daddy got home ate dinner, went on a walk, and came home to have cupcake! The next Saturday, we had family and a few friends over for a BUNNY BIRTHDAY! Per the usual you wanted to be held by Momma the whole time, but I didn't mind. You also had the perfect birthday dress thanks to Auntie Karla! 

Kennedy Maren, you are a dream come true. We are so very thankful for you. You are the perfect sister to your brothers and the perfect daughter to me & your daddy. 

we love you more & more everyday!
your momma & daddy