Tuesday Thoughts

i'm one day late. i think i just forgot yesterday was tuesday.
i haven't done all the blogging i planned. a ten year old computer barely knows what blogging is. and makes it pretty difficult to actually post anything with a picture. boo.
last night we celebrated the birthday of one of our very best friends. jeremy- i met him when he was in 7th grade. he was a bridesmaid. for real. that's how good of a friend he is. happy birthday jer bear, we love you.
my last day of work keeps getting closer and closer. it's a bit scary. also exciting.
{about} 33 more days till we meet this little man.
Manny and i hammered out the details of what will happen when i go into labor. so much unknown. but it will all happen just as the Lord has planned. i'm crazy excited to see how that will all work out... early/late/at work/on a Saturday/will we be busy that day/will i labor at home for a while/water breaking/WHO KNOWS!??!?!?
there has been some yucky sickness going around. i don't want to get anything...
I GOT THE BUMPER last night! Seriously, i know i'm weird but i'm so stinking exciting about this over priced piece of cloth. it's perfect. it's the inspiration for the whole nursery. i love it.
baby is moving, moving, moving. it's not so much kicking anymore. i can't even explain it. ha.
the weather has been most perfect here lately. will continue to rock these maternity shorts until the last second possible... maybe i'll put them away when the blizzard comes...
1st real month in Tupperware- going to have to say- successful. difficult at times, but i've enjoyed it & walked away with extra monies. thank you God for your faithful provision.
baby shower with church people was last sunday. baby shower with family/friends is this sunday. seriously beyond blessed. this little guy is going to be very loved :)
need to keep myself drinking lots of water. i'm working on it.
craft fair also keeps getting closer- need to do some crafts yo!
ok no more thoughts today. peace.

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