32-34 Weeks

wow. no question about it. i'm one very pregnant lady.
weeks 32-34.
my cousin got married.
Manny ran a half marathon.
Manny turned 25.
we finished birth classes.
i've been hosting my first Tupperware parties.
we moved.
john's been playing lots of football.
I had another doctor appointment-
blood pressure was much better.
baby was head down.
3 other babies were born at Alethia. crazy.
i've had the never ending cold.
it is much more difficult to bend over/ move around.
today marks only 1 month left with a job.
my heartburn is still pretty bad, but zantac works most of the time.
we're calling him ninja baby.
kicking, moving, flipping... all the time!
i can't believe we're going to have a baby in like a little more than a month.
i can't wait to meet him.
i can't believe this thing inside me is going to become a living breathing person that we get to take care of.
love you baby boy.

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  1. Wow Friend, You have been busy! I totally feel you on the heart burn/can't move as well/ ninja baby! It is so exciting that we are at the end and soon we will be able to meet our baby boys!!!