adventure in the Windy City

adventure is good for me. good for my heart, good for my eyes, good for my marriage, good for perspective and just a fresh breath of air.

Manny, Kennedy and I had the privilege of venturing to Chicago a couple weekends ago, and my-o-my it was lovely. We stayed downtown and did all the tourist-y things:

"The Bean"

"Sears {Willis} Tower & The Skydeck" 

 "Navy Pier"
my beautiful girl 


 "Boat Tour in Lake Michigan"

"Art Institute of Chicago"

"The Wedding of Kelly & Greg"

we had such an enjoyable 4 days. and only got stuck in a rain storm once ;)
it was such a gift to travel and spend time with my love and my beautiful baby girl!
thanks for giving us an excuse to see Chicago Kelly & Greg - the wedding was lovely!

Kennedy Maren: 6 months

Kennedy girl, 
You are 6 months old & just wonderful. You are sweet, cuddly, chunky, kissable, and o-so squeezable. You are a pretty good sleeper and sometimes sleep through the night and sometimes wake up around 2 or 3am. We are still doing great at nursing, so that is a huge blessing. You are rolling quite a bit and starting to grab at things on the floor but do not seem over anxious to start crawling - totally fine with me! You still take three naps most days and like to be held/in the ergo in the early evenings. Most nights you are very ready for bed by 7pm.  You sleep with your special bunny cuddled right up to your face, sucking your right thumb, and on your side. so sweet!
love sucking on those toes!
Your laugh is so funny; sometimes it sounds like your coughing, sometimes it sounds like your crying! But it always makes us smile and laugh with you. You are getting pretty good at sitting up. You are enjoying playing with more toys and LOVE to watch your brothers play. They make you laugh more than anyone else & it is just so wonderful.
sweet girl sitting up!
the prettiest blue eyes I ever did see!

This month you, your daddy, and I went on a little trip to Chicago! We celebrated Kelly & Greg's wedding & had a wonderful time touring a city we had never been to. You were a perfect baby. You slept in the stroller in the morning and spent a lot of time in the ergo, never complaining! You did wonderful on both airplane rides. I am super thankful for the special time the three of us had together.
at "the bean" in Chicago

6 month STATS-
Weight-  lbs, %
Height-  in, %
Head Circumference-  in, %
Size 3 diapers
9-12 month clothes 

We love you Kennedy Maren! Thank you for your sweet smiles and generally joyful and calm spirit. You are the perfect addition to our family. 
we love you more and more everyday!
love, your momma