Kennedy Maren: 11 months

O Kennedy Girl, you are 11 months old! I might just be tearing up right now thinking about how you are, so soon, not going to be my baby. I mean, you'll always be my baby. But goodness, you are just growing up so much! 
We are seeing more and more of your personality every day & it is just wonderful. You've got the very normal almost-1 year old- attached- to- momma thing going on. You stand up, cruise, and/or try to take a few steps all the time. You love being with your brothers. You have the funniest curious/mischievous smile that just makes me swell.
You are by far our worst teether. But to give you some credit you gained 4 teeth this month, in the strangest order- middle left and the one next to it & then a few days later middle right and the one next it it. You are definitely the typical cranky, not sleeping, want to be held teething baby. So we've put you to bed extra early and I've spent a lot of time with you on my hip.
 Your favorite foods are still anything savory, but you are warming up to a couple fruits including apples and blueberries. You don't eat a ton when your teeth hurt, I think. You still only drink about 6oz of formula, made very warm. You enjoy baths and hanging out in the ergo, but are starting to refuse to fall asleep in the ergo or really any where besides your crib/ pack n play that's in our room. You are fiercely attached your bunny, I'm pretty sure you can't sleep without it. 
This month was pretty much full of lots of snow & cold plus a few warm, sunshine days. I left you for the first time when I went to Tennessee to celebrate Kaci's birthday. You got to stay with Kma & I'm sure you loved all the spoiling and cuddles! It was so nice to be away, but I have happy to have you back in my arms! 

My beautiful girl, 
Thank you for your sweet smiles and all that bunny love. You surprise us with your little funny ways. We are all smitten with you and just can't imagine our days without you. 
We love you more and more every day!
love, your momma