things I don't want to forget: April 2016

man, these are the days. the days that are so difficult. the days that are so wonderful. the days that make me want to pull my hair out. the days i want to cry with thankfulness. the days where i feel like i have nothing left to give by the time the sun sets. the days i just want to squeeze them and hold them because i do know soon it will be over- all the squeezing and holding. the days i feel like i just might lose my mind. the days i don't want to forget.
everyday there are moments, moments i don't want to forget. so as Kennedy takes her morning nap & Manny, Joshua & Asher are outside shoveling and planning in the snow i will take a moment to pause & remember...

Kennedy standing on her tip toes staring out the window into the big backyard. 

the time i was about to walk out the door for work, opened Kennedy's door, where all the kids where planning only to discover the boys had smeared a half a jar of aquaphor onto their heads. how Sarah showered them & washed their hair three times with shampoo- didn't come out. how i tried baking soda, corn starch, and 3 blue dawn washings- didn't come out. i'll let you know how this one turns out... 

the way Joshua sings & dances. 

Asher cuddles after nap time. 

the time Joshua drew all over his entire body with sharpie: i was working downstairs during Kennedy & Asher's nap time and Joshua was watching tv upstairs. i heard him open the back door so after a few minutes i came up stairs to see he was at the fence talking to our neighbor Mark. he turned around and their was a sharpie "mask" all over his face and Mark thought it was o so funny. we came inside to shower & found sharpie on every inch of his body. it took weeks to come out of his belly button. 

Kennedy's sweet kisses & cuddles when she is feeling a bit shy. her little personality is coming out more and more and she is just hilarious. she loves to get at her brothers. she is letting her opinion be known. she tries to blow her own nose, on her own terms. she's got the best laugh. 

these are the days. the crazy. the hard. the beautiful.