Joshua Manuel: 12 months, 1 year old!

how is it possible that i have known you for a whole year? that i have held you and kissed you and changed your diapers for an entire year? you are such an incredible boy. you are so smart, so funny, so opinionated, and so wonderful. everyday you make me laugh and everyday i am so thankful that God has given me you to raise and love and teach.

this month you finally said "momma!" that made me pretty happy. you can also say "hi" and "bye" and "dog." you babble sentences of stories all the time. everything you say is so important and you have all the hand motions and tone inflections to go with your stories. you also like to "sing" and can repeat syllables of music like humming. not only do you talk, you also yell. and scream. like i said, everything you talk about is very important, and you have no problem making sure you are heard, even if it means volume levels that are through the roof!

along with all this screaming and yelling, we are starting to have to discipline you for the first time. but Joshua, you are too smart. the other night your were just yelling and yelling at me {in anger} and i had tried talking it out, explaining to you what was happening, putting you in "timeout" in your room, and nothing was working, so i patted you on the mouth. not 2 seconds later you screamed again and started hitting your own mouth! child, sometimes i just don't know what we are going to do with you!

this month Auntie Karla got ENGAGED to Dan! we found out you are going to be a BIG BROTHER! and we BOUGHT A HOUSE! it has been a very eventful month :)

not only are you walking like a pro, you are running! you can kick a ball, throw a ball, and totally know the difference when told which one to do. you still love to dance. your favorite toy would still have to be your music table, always the go-to toy. you have also taken up a love for laundry! every chance you get you grab laundry from our room, your room, or Kma's room and run around the house laughing your head off.

for halloween, we did trunk-or-treat at the farm and then on halloween night went trick-or-treating with Aunt Amber, Uncle Sam, Izzy, and Liam. you were the cutest tiger i have ever seen :)

for your birthday we celebrated a few times! on your actual birthday we went to lunch with Auntie Kari, and then had pizza, peas & birthday cake at the house with Grandma Mary, Grandpa George, Auntie Karla, Dan, Uncle Matthew, Aunt Christine, Johnathan, David, Kaitlin, and Timothy. {Kma, Opa & Uncle Johnny were at Johnny's last football game.}

on Sunday, you were dedicated at church by Uncle Sam and then we had a big celebration with all our family and friends! it was so fun & you are so loved! i'll post more on that later.
photo credit to Eric Chin
so Joshua, you are 12 months old. we made it to a year! everyday you make me smile. i am so proud of you and i cannot wait to see what your next year of life will hold. i could go on and on talking about how much we love you and how wonderful you are, but please just know we are so blessed by you, we love you way too much, and we praise God for you everyday.
we love you more and more everyday. 
your momma & daddy