Brooks George: 2 months

Hey Brooksie Boy, 
Two months old & we are smitten as ever! You are really such a great baby. You don't fuss often. You sleep well in the carseat when we are out and you sleep well in your bed when we are home. You have an awesome receding hair line. Your gummy smiles are about the best thing I've ever seen and every moment I have while you are awake I smile and talk like a crazy person trying to see those wonderful smiles. You've had a cold the past week or so, nothing crazy but lots of mucus which has resulted in lots of gagging & spitting up- not so fun. But no fevers and the doctor confirmed your lungs are clear. 

Our schedule usually looks something like this: 
8am: Wake up & Nurse 
8:45-10:30am: Nap #1
10:30: Nurse (then go pick up Josh from school) 
11:15-1pm: Nap #2

1pm: (put siblings down for rest) Nurse
2-4pm: Nap #3
4pm: Nurse
Help mom make dinner, hang out, nap in the swing, whatever the day brings :)
7pm: Nurse then sleep
10:30: Dream Feed
11pm-5isham: Sleep {Hallelujah!}
Nurse then back to bed till 8am
Start the day all over again!
Yay for eating & sleeping!

This month we eased back into "real life." Scheduling, small group, going into work, just all sorts of life. In all honestly, it has gone much smoother than I thought it would. I think we all just do what have to do- everybody has to eat, everybody has to sleep, mommy & daddy have work, joshie has school, there is church and family and friends- somehow it all gets done. Most days I'm exhausted but so very thankful. You bring us so much joy & we are so thankful you have joined this crazy life of ours!

2 Months Stats: 
Height- 23.75in, 34%
Weight- 10.10lbs, 11%
Clothes- Growing out of Newborn
Diapers- Size 1 

we love you more & more everyday! 
your momma & daddy