this weekend is for...

leaving work early to go to a baby doctor appointment #2. staff date night: dressing up, qdoba, bowling, and the golden bee. alphabet baby shower for kellie bea {post on that next week!}. PROM. church. and a birthday party. shall be busy. shall be fun. o yea, minus the snow.

Tuesday Thoughts

- the weather here has been quite gloomy lately...

- super blessed by the people I work with: bought car seat for Jackson to go in my car, that I can keep for my own baby. seriously. huge.

- My race is in 19 days. Ugh. I'm debating if I should do it. I guess I can always just walk it. But what kind of race is that? A pregnant one I suppose... The main issue is that I've pretty much felt terrible for going on 4 weeks now and thus have barely trained at all. Ugh.

- I don't want to a complaining pregnant person. Not only is it annoying and selfish. It's annoying and selfish. But I feel so terrible most of the time. I think I need to just say less. That's ok too.

- I will not be doing my student teaching in the fall. I'm pretty bummed. BUT I know this is God's plan... Far better than mine. Still don't really understand how working full time, as a student teacher, not getting paid is going to work out when I have little baby... BUT God's plan is better than mine and it will all work out. Right now I'm just excited I only have to go to class 5 more times and take an online. Then a break from any school work at all for a full year! That's a first since, well, I entered kindergarten!

- That new car I was going to get in May... I got in April. I am so thankful for this incredible gift! It is wonderful :)

- Manny has been sick :( He coughs all night. It's very sad. And neither of us sleep very well.

- Very busy weekend: Friday- Doc appt & Date Night! Saturday- Baby Shower for Kellie & Prom! Sunday- Church & Birthday Party. Should be busy. Should be fun. O yea, and that's right I'm going to prom knocked up! Ha!

- More gifts...
251. foods that don't make me sick.
252. family dinners.
253. finally figuring school stuff out.
254. trusting. the One who holds it all.
255. true Hope.
256. KLG and Hoda. seriously I enjoy that show. everyday.
257. peach size!
258. our bible study group. so blessed, loved, and challenged.
259. Disney movies in the morning.
260. rain. rain. make the fires go away.
270. heated seats.
271. a car that heats up very quickly.
272. a quiet engine.
273. busy weekends. lazy weekends. need them both.
274. marriage.
275. challenges.
276. goals.
277. getting my discipline back on!

Lent of Don't {4} & {5}

4. Don’t Give Up Facebook. But, before you sign on, think of who you’ll stalk (smile) and take some time to pray for them. Or, stop as you’re reading and pray for the people you’ve read about and the pictures you’ve seen.

5. Don’t Give Up Email. But, take a few minutes to write some tangible notes these 40 days. Use stamps and that thing called a mailbox and say ‘Thank You,’ or ‘thinking of you,’ or just say things you just can’t say over a computer.

So Easter is this Sunday... I'm feeling like I'm a sinner saved by grace. Thankful for Jesus. Thankful for the ultimate sacrifice of a father giving up his one and only son. The last 16 days of my Lent Practice weren't perfect. I often forgot to pray for those on facebook. And I'll be sending out 8 cards today/tomorrow. But in a way I'm okay with that. I feel like this year I did more to prepare myself for this season than ever before. And even though it was far from perfect and I have a long way to go, I know I got that much closer and brought that much more glory to the King of Kings.

As I read the last 3 chapters of Luke today I am struck by Christ's attitude. Pure and holy surrender. He never argued or even sounded slightly harsh... As he was being beating and wrongly accused. He knew this was fulling the Scriptures.

"Then he said to them, "These are my words that I spoke to you while I was still with you, that everything written about me in the Law of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms must be fulfilled." Then he opened their minds to understand the Scriptures, and said to them, "Thus it is written,that the Christ should suffer and on the third day rise from the dead, and that repentance and forgiveness of sins should be proclaimed in his name to all nations, beginning from Jerusalem. You are witnesses of these things." Luke 24: 44-48

Praise be to Jesus Christ for fulfilling Scripture and saving my life.

Who I Spend My Days With

My husband? No.
Co-workers? Not really.
Friends? No. I spend my days with a toddler. Jackson.
We've been spending are days together for about a year and half and I seriously just love this boy. I am so blessed by this job and have been reminded of it even more as I am tired and o-so-sick with this baby in my belly. He sleeps. I sleep. He eats. I eat. He plays. I play {and sometimes doze}. He's got the best smile. He doesn't easily laugh but when it does you have to laugh as well. His favorite toys are usually kitchen utensils. He loves his dog Mojo. His favorite foods include crackers, tomatoes, brocolli, cheese, and yogurt. He makes me smile everyday and I love kissing those chubby cheeks and doing my best to teach him new things every day. He doesn't say much. But he is very smart. He doesn't really like it when I ROAR. We color every morning. And read most afternoons. He never cries when he falls and gets a scrap. He's very tough. He is usually in a good mood. He likes to play in the dirt. He's friendly and loud. He listens very, very well. He loves to read and always has. At times, spending so much time with a baby that is not my own is tough. But he truly is worth it all. I love this boy!

12 Weeks

Do I look pregnant at all??? No. Not really.
That's ok. I'm sure it will come one day...

It's been a pretty rough couple weeks. From pretty much 10 weeks on I've felt nauseous or exhausted. There is very little I actually feel like eating. And when I try to eat much before noon I usually throw it up. I don't like throwing up. No thank you.

But I'm trying to remember that some person somewhere said a sick momma means a healthy baby!

I think that's all for week 12... Hoping to feel better soon!


Q: When did you find out you were pregnant?
A: We officially found out on February 28th, 2011. Right when I got home from California!

Q: Was Manny there? or How did you tell Manny?
A: I took the test without him knowing. I guess I was feeling pretty confident because I told him I got him something in California. When I saw it was positive I asked him if he wanted to see what I got him... Pretty big shocker! He was not expecting that at all! ...And then he was upset he had touched my pee & I really hadn't gotten him anything in California.

Q: What were your first reactions?
A: SHOCKED & excited!!! Not really scared/worried/overwhelmed. Just SHOCKED & excited!

Q: What are you feeling now?
A: I would still say shocked and excited! Most days it doesn't even seem real. Maybe it will when I start showing...

Q: How far along are you?
A: 11 weeks.

Q: When is your due date?
A: November 1, 2011

Q: Are you showing yet?

A: Well, actually up until yesterday I really didn't think I was. But yesterday sitting in the car my pants were noticeably tight around my belly! Crazy!

Q: How have you been feeling (sickness wise)?
A: Really it hasn't been bad at all! Praise God. Seriously. Last week was probably the worst- I threw up for the first time early Monday morning and just felt yucky the rest of the week. I have been sooooooo tired. More tired than I ever imagined possible. Praise God for my job- I can take at least a 2 hour nap every day! I usually get pretty nauseated in the evenings. Most of the time, the more tired, I am the sicker I feel. Trying to go to bed earlier is hard! Really it has not been bad and I am O so thankful!

Q: What other symptoms have you experienced?
A: Well, I am more emotional than usual... Hard to believe, I know. But I teared up three times yesterday on a ten minute drive just thinking about totally random things! I get really hungry often, but then I can't eat very much. My hair is falling out like I'm dying.... That kinda sucks. Hopefully it will go away soon. Other than that I can't really think of anything.

Q: Any strange food cravings?
A: No, not really. Usually, I love pickles and now the sound disgusting. Pretty much anything salty (like chips) sounds good. Also, loving CHEESE! Anything cheese! Ha. But gotta have just a little something sweet every so often :)

Q: Any gender preference or predictions?
A: Pretty much, I want a boy & Manny wants a girl. Of course, we would love either! And John is convinced it's a boy & Karla is convinced it's a girl!

Q: Will you find out?

That's all the questions I can come up with... Or that people have been asking...


We're having a BABY!!!!

Due November 2011!!!

Tuesday Thoughts

{insert Random}

+ I'm ready to tell. sick of WAITING. but still waiting on one thing.

+ I really would like to CHANGE the look of my blog.

+ Jackson & I are going to TODDLER TIME at the Library and to Chic-fil-a today!!!!

+ I ran 11 miles last weekend. 12 this weekend. I really wish my race was NOT 5 weeks away.

+ BUT I am really excited for my race. 8,000 participants. FLAT course. yea.

+ Going to SUESSICAL to support one of the girls in our youth group on Saturday.

+ Is is get WARMER? spring anyone? minus the wind please.

+ Next month- NEW car. seriously.can.not.wait.

+ I need a new book to READ.

+ Kinda sad I couldn't get myself into reading all the Harry Potters... My fault I watched ALL the movies.

+ Manny and I WILL go on vacation before *whatever* happens, happens.

+ There are a LOT of unknowns in our life right now.

+ For the most part, I'm OKAY with that.

+ Sometimes I wish my dreams came true, other times I do NOT.

+ Only 1 hour and 15 minutes till Jackson and I break FREE and drive into town! Yahoo.

+ I need to get my DISCIPLINE back. for real.

this weekend is for...

running. sleeping. free food. maybe something new? telling the world. {ha} lazy evenings on the couch. birthday parties at the park. longer running. Alethia. nursery time. hopefully quiet afternoons... time together. sounds good to me.

Tuesday Thoughts

Well, a little diversion on Tuesday Thoughts... look back on March. Like every other month it went by quickly. Towards the end of the month we were even busier than normal. We took one Saturday and drove up to Fort Collins to be with our friends Jason and Shauna and their perfect baby girl, Evelyn. Had a picnic at Poudre Valley Canyon and just enjoyed a relaxing day together. The next Sunday, I took all the Clark girls to Disney Princesses on Ice! O my, it was so fun. Like always Disney was impressive and did such a great job. It was truly great :)
Kacy and Halee :)
Even though they were fighting colds they put on their smiley faces and enjoyed the evening

Halee and Reesie watching those princesses!

And then we got home and Siah put on my BOY shoes :)

I seriously LOVE this family. Am so blessed by each and every one of them. Am so thankful God has placed them in windy Colorado to be our friends! Am so happy I got to give.

Because giving is always better than receiving...

The next weekend Manny and I took two days to go Over the Mountains
and Through the Woods to Gram's House We Go
My Wonderful, Wonderful Great Gram! She turns 93 next month!

Soon after we go there my great-Uncle Jerry picked us all up to head to historic Ridgway and Ouray.

We ate at a super cute, tiny place in Ridgway called Kate's Place.


The historic library in Ouray

Stopped in at the Beaumont Hotel. Est. 1886. Restored in 2003.

Also, in Ouray they have a world famous Ice Climbing festival! Here are the cliffs of ice people climb for fun! Ha!

Manny didn't appreciate the heights so much...

There is also a hot springs in Ouray. The hot underground water keeps this baseball field green all year long!
Loved seeing all the baby cows :)

But mostly loved spending time with my Gram :)

That's all for today. Sorry. Post. So. Long.