beyond blessed.

so I cry. I cry pretty often. in fact I'm crying right now. but not because I'm sad or upset. it is because I am beyond blessed.
in the past year the Lord has placed some absolutely incredible women in my life. last night they all came together to celebrate me and this miracle in my belly. they showered me with presents, love, and pray. it was unreal.
but today i sit here not thankful for the really cute outfits they bought our baby boy, but for their hearts. my goodness. these women. their hearts are made of gold i'm sure. they are real and true. they are incredible mothers. they are the best friends. they are selfless and thoughtful. they shine the love Christ everyday. and even when sin and yuck get in the way they are quick to their knees and quick to seek the face of the One who created us all. they inspire me in so many ways.
i can't even comprehend how blessed i am to have these women in my life. {one of them happens to be my momma, she's the best}. so if you read this friends- thank you. i love you. seriously.

and today, Lord I'm thankful for these women. for their hearts. for their love. for their friendship. i am beyond blessed.

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