38 weeks!

Well here we are... Me & Baby
38 weeks!

I can hardly believe I am this close to having a child!
And that a whole baby, ready to be born, is just hanging out inside my belly.
It's a little insane if you think about it...
It is also pretty crazy if you think about amazing this whole process has been...
From the first symptoms to feeling him move, seeing it was a him, and now the crazy movement and the whole body preparing for birth thing. And that's leaving out so much!
God. Wow. Praise to You.
I would have to say in the last few weeks the biggest change has been just how my body feels. It is so strange. I am constantly "sore," like hard workout, too difficult to move, sore. Flipping over in bed is way too hard. Butt {sciatic nerve} pain, leg cramps, heavy belly. man, not fun. for me or Manny. he's being a great sport...
I am most excited to get his room all organized and ready. It may not be completely done, but I'm pretty sure he's not going to notice for a while... But eventually it will be done & perfect. I'm just ready to get a little organized. Hopeful that day will come this Thursday :)
I got my diaper bag yesterday. yahoo. seriously love it. it will be perfect {I think- I mean I've never done this before.... haha}
We've got all the plans figured out for what will happen when I go into labor... Depending on *this* we'll do *this* and call *them* etc. etc. etc. So many unknowns. But that's ok. God's timing will be perfect. I'm tired of guessing though. It will all happen when he's good & ready :)
I've been going to the doctor once a week now. I'm measuring right where I should be & not really dilated. Everything looks good. Next appointment is tomorrow.
Trying not to be nervous about the birth. It's going to happen. I have no idea what will happen. And I just keep trying to remember the advice of a good friend {who's baby is due any day now} that this is suppose to be a joyous time. God created it. God will be there. I've got nothing to worry about.
I seriously can't wait to meet this kid. What day will be his BIRTHday? What will he look like? Will he have hair? What color?
O goodness.
We are so stinking excited.

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