who knows...

well. for too long my blog got deleted.
it was confusing and i still don't really know how it happened.
and now it's back.
again- confusing & i don't really know how it happened.

but all that matters is that i did not lose my blog.
so i will continue blogging. and maybe read things a little closer... 

so we'll do a little iTouch photo dump...

what we've been up to lately: 
{new jeans}

{kisses for my sweet baby boy}

{one sock. butt up. nap time}


{joshua & jackson love to play together}

{manny has been riding his bike to work}
{way to go babe!}

{started a new job, working from home}
{on the deck with my baby}
{pretty great job :)}

{bath time} 

{went on a walk}

{found 8 deer in our backyard}

{might be getting some teeth}

...so glad to have my blog back...

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