i have run...

i have run.
i've run 2 half-marathons.
i've run in the rain,
in the snow,
in the wind,
in the sun.
i've run pregnant.
i've run slow,
and rarely faster.
i've run alone.
i've run with manny.
i've run with mandy.

and then i had a baby.
there's been little running... 

but that's going to change.
i created my own race.
yup. i did.

THE Official I'm-Too-Cheap-To-Pay-For-A-Race-But-Need-Motivation 5 Miler. 

it's an official Facebook event. here's the link.

but now that i created my own race.
and it's exactly 1 month away.
i need to get off this behind and start running!

soon i'll be able to say... 
i have run my own made up race 
but first i need to do a little training... 

{source for top 15}

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  1. Can others take place in this made-up run?! I would host the Seattle version!! :) (And I'll be back on Facebook post-Easter...!)