tuesday thoughts

and..... it's back! ha. been about a billion years since my last tuesday thoughts, but...
computer + internet = more blogging = more remembering of our days = a happy kim

i love colorado.
sunday: 80 degrees & sunny.

{we to our chipotle to the park & had a picnic for dinner}

tuesday: SNOW DAY!

{spring snow}
{not saying i love the snow... but i love that my husband gets to have a free day & love the moisture}

listening to some Parachute on Pandora Radio.
love it!

when I went to get Joshua up from his nap I brought my camera in to snap a cute picture of his peaceful, sleeping face... Instead I got this:

{took off his sock. sucking his fingers. grinning from ear to ear}
{he makes my heart so happy}

today we get to go see sweet newborn Jocelyn!

joshua almost always smiles when you say "BOO"

manny & i have been watching big bang theory.
so funny.

goal for this week: sew pillow cover for rocking chair in joshua's room.
only 5 months late...

it's birthday month for Tupperware!
64 years of parties. yahoo!

time for some lunch & more playtime with my sweet boy.
so blessed.

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